Dj Moore Fantasy Outlook

DJ Moore: A Fantasy Football Future Full of Promise

As the NFL season draws near, fantasy football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the opportunity to draft their favorite players and construct their ultimate team. One player who stands out as a top pick this year is DJ Moore, the exceptionally gifted wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers. With his remarkable performance in the 2020 season and the roster changes within the Panthers organization, Moore’s fantasy outlook for the upcoming season has become a hot topic among enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve deeper into Moore’s career and examine why his fantasy outlook holds significant importance.

DJ Moore’s 2020 Season Performance

DJ Moore securing the win for the Carolina Panthers with his impressive catch

Statistics and Analysis

During the 2020 season, DJ Moore showcased his skills by recording 66 receptions for 1,193 yards and four touchdowns. He boasted an average of 18.1 yards per reception and 79.5 receiving yards per game. Moore’s 1,193 receiving yards ranked him 14th in the league, and he tied for 22nd in touchdowns among wide receivers.

His remarkable performance is particularly noteworthy considering the Panthers’ inconsistent quarterback situation. Moore had to adapt to a rotating cast of quarterbacks due to injuries, yet still managed to deliver solid numbers. His ability to create separation from defenders and generate substantial gains after the catch solidify his value to the Panthers’ offense.

Comparison to Other Top Wide Receivers

When compared to other prominent wide receivers in the league, Moore’s performance in the 2020 season was remarkable. He ranked 17th in the league in terms of receiving yards per game, surpassing notable players such as Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson, and Terry McLaurin. Furthermore, Moore’s average yards per reception placed him 6th in the league among receivers with at least 50 receptions.

Although Moore didn’t score as many touchdowns as some of the other top wide receivers, his consistent yardage and knack for big plays make him an invaluable asset in fantasy football. With a more stable quarterback situation and the potential for increased targets in the upcoming season, Moore’s fantasy outlook shines brightly.

Changes in DJ Moore’s 2021 Situation

Analysis of the Carolina Panthers’ Offseason Changes

The Panthers have undergone significant transformations in the offseason, which are poised to significantly influence Moore’s fantasy outlook for the forthcoming season. First and foremost, they hired Joe Brady as their new offensive coordinator, known for his innovative and aggressive play-calling. Brady’s offense is expected to feature more passing and downfield plays, an ideal fit for Moore’s skill set as a deep threat receiver.

Moreover, the Panthers made noteworthy additions to their receiving corps, signing veteran receiver David Moore and drafting rookie receiver Terrace Marshall Jr. While some may view these additions as a potential threat to Moore’s target share, they may also alleviate some pressure and create additional opportunities for big plays downfield. Additionally, the Panthers’ offensive line has improved through the draft, potentially affording more time for quarterback Sam Darnold to find his receivers.

Impact on Moore’s Role and Targets in the Offense

Moore’s role in the Panthers’ offense is primed for expansion in the upcoming season. With Curtis Samuel’s departure, Moore is expected to shoulder a larger share of the targets within the offense. Already established as a reliable target for Darnold, Moore’s ability to make significant gains after the catch may position him as the primary target in the Panthers’ offense.

Furthermore, Brady’s offense is expected to emphasize Moore’s role as a deep threat receiver. The Panthers have already demonstrated interest in utilizing Moore as a vertical weapon, and the expected increase in downfield plays underscores the importance of Moore’s speed and ability to stretch the field. These factors collectively contribute to an optimistic fantasy outlook for Moore.

In summary, the Panthers’ roster and coaching staff changes are poised to positively impact Moore’s fantasy outlook. With a more pass-heavy offense and an expanded role, Moore has the potential to emerge as a premier fantasy wide receiver in the upcoming season.

Strengths and Weaknesses of DJ Moore’s Fantasy Outlook

When evaluating DJ Moore’s fantasy outlook, several key strengths emerge. First and foremost, Moore is a dynamic player with the ability to generate significant gains and accumulate yards after the catch. His speed and agility make him a formidable threat against opposing defenses and a valuable asset to any fantasy team.

Moore’s consistency is yet another strength supporting his fantasy outlook. He has consistently surpassed 1,000 receiving yards in each of the past two seasons, showcasing his reliability as a fantasy option. Furthermore, with the recent roster changes within the Panthers, Moore’s role in the offense is anticipated to expand, translating to increased targets and potential for heightened fantasy production.

However, it is important to consider potential weaknesses when assessing Moore’s fantasy outlook. One potential obstacle could be the Panthers’ quarterback situation. Sam Darnold, after a challenging stint in New York, now assumes the role of starting quarterback for the Panthers. While he has demonstrated potential in the past, concerns linger regarding his ability to consistently perform at a high level.

Another potential weakness is the presence of other talented receivers in the Panthers’ lineup. Alongside Moore, the Panthers boast skilled players such as Robby Anderson and rookie Terrace Marshall Jr. While this may create more opportunities for Moore to thrive, it also means a potentially more evenly distributed target share, which could limit his fantasy production.

Overall, despite potential weaknesses, DJ Moore’s fantasy outlook remains promising. His dynamic playmaking abilities and consistent performance make him a valuable fantasy asset. The recent roster changes within the Panthers’ organization offer even greater opportunities for Moore to shine.

Expert Draft Advice for DJ Moore

If you are considering drafting DJ Moore for your fantasy team this season, here is some expert draft advice and strategies to optimize his potential.

Where to draft DJ Moore in fantasy leagues

Given Moore’s impressive performance in the 2020 season, he is a popular choice in fantasy drafts. The question arises, where should you position him on your draft board? According to fantasy experts, Moore is typically selected between the third and fifth rounds in standard 12-team leagues. In PPR leagues, he may warrant consideration as early as the second round.

It is important to consider your draft order and your league’s scoring system when determining the optimal time to draft Moore. If you possess an early pick in the draft, you may wish to focus on securing a top-tier running back or wide receiver before selecting Moore. Conversely, if you possess a later pick, you may contemplate selecting Moore earlier in order to secure his presence on your team.

Recommendations for strategies and players to pair with DJ Moore

To maximize Moore’s potential, consider pairing him with players who complement his strengths. For instance, pairing him with a quarterback known for throwing deep passes or a reliable running back who can alleviate some of the pressure on Moore can augment his fantasy production.

Additionally, consider drafting a backup wide receiver to cover for Moore during bye weeks or in the event of injury. Potential backup options may include Moore’s teammate Robby Anderson or other reliable receivers such as Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel from the San Francisco 49ers.

On the whole, selecting DJ Moore can prove to be a savvy move for your fantasy team. However, it is crucial to adopt the right draft strategy and pair him with players who enhance his performance. With a well-rounded approach, Moore can emerge as a valuable asset on your quest for fantasy football success.


In conclusion, DJ Moore’s fantasy outlook for the upcoming season appears extremely promising. His impressive performance in the 2020 season, coupled with the recent changes within the Panthers’ roster, positions him as a potential top-tier fantasy wide receiver. Moore has established himself as a reliable and consistent player, making him a safe pick in fantasy drafts. Moreover, the aforementioned roster adjustments are poised to increase Moore’s involvement within the offense, leading to more targets and heightened potential for fantasy production.

As you prepare for your fantasy drafts, keep DJ Moore at the forefront as a top pick for your team. With his talent and potential, Moore can serve as a valuable asset on your journey to fantasy football glory. Remember to consider his strengths and weaknesses, leverage expert draft advice, and explore any frequently asked questions to make informed decisions for your team. With DJ Moore on your side, your fantasy team could chart a course toward success.