Dj Cassidy Wife

DJ Cassidy’s Wife: Unveiling the Woman Behind the Accomplished DJ

Meet DJ Cassidy’s Wife: Jessica Aidi

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi take in the breathtaking views on their romantic vacation.

A Brief Introduction

Jessica Aidi, born on January 11, 1991, is a French model and entrepreneur. Originally from Avignon—a picturesque town in the south of France—she later moved to Paris to pursue her career. With Algerian and Tunisian ancestry, Jessica is fluent in French, English, and Arabic.

Background and Nationality

Jessica Aidi hails from a modest background and began her modeling journey at a young age to support her family. Her sheer talent has landed her partnerships with renowned fashion brands and cover features in numerous fashion magazines. Vanity Fair recognized her as one of the top 50 most influential French individuals globally in 2020.


Jessica Aidi’s accomplishments extend beyond modeling, as she is also a successful entrepreneur. She founded J’AIME, a luxury lingerie brand that has garnered worldwide popularity. J’AIME prides itself on its high-quality and comfortable lingerie, designed to empower women and celebrate their natural beauty.

Career Achievements and Notable Projects

In addition to her modeling and entrepreneurial success, Jessica Aidi is actively engaged in philanthropy. She actively participates in various charitable organizations, raising funds for critical causes like education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. Furthermore, she collaborates with fashion brands to advocate sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Jessica Aidi’s exceptional achievements and dedication to her work make her not only a role model for women globally but also an indispensable part of DJ Cassidy’s triumphs.

How DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi Met

A Chance Encounter

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi’s love story began with an unexpected encounter. During the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, DJ Cassidy was performing a set when he crossed paths with Jessica. Instantly captivated by her beauty and energy, DJ Cassidy knew he had to meet her.

A Romantic Proposal

After a year of dating, DJ Cassidy orchestrated a romantic proposal on a private island. The setting included a candlelit dinner and a fireworks display. Overjoyed, Jessica accepted the proposal, leading to their splendid wedding in August 2021, attended by their loved ones.

A Strong Relationship

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi’s relationship is built on a solid foundation of love and respect. They wholeheartedly support each other’s careers, deeply appreciating one another’s talents. DJ Cassidy frequently showcases Jessica on his social media platforms, praising her beauty and intellect. Jessica, in turn, wholeheartedly supports DJ Cassidy’s work and often accompanies him to his performances. Their relationship embodies the power of love and mutual admiration.

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi’s Wedding

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi’s wedding was a star-studded affair, graced by numerous notable guests. On August 4, 2021, the couple exchanged vows in Capri, Italy, overlooking the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

The guest list included luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Pharrell Williams, and Usher, among others. Attended by close friends and family, the wedding was an intimate and extraordinary occasion.

The couple spared no expense, resulting in a lavish celebration. Their vows took place in a picturesque garden surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery. DJ Cassidy looked dashing in a white suit, while Jessica Aidi radiated beauty in an exquisite white gown with an elongated train.

Following the ceremony, the guests reveled in an elegant reception, accompanied by delectable cuisine, music, and dancing. The venue featured breathtaking floral arrangements and a mesmerizing display of candles, crafting a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

In summary, DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi’s wedding was a remarkable and unforgettable event. Every element of the ceremony showcased their profound love, from the stunning location to the intimate guest list and extravagant celebration. It marked the perfect beginning to their journey as husband and wife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is DJ Cassidy?

DJ Cassidy, originally named Cassidy Durango Milton Willy Podell, is a prominent American DJ and record producer. He has collaborated with illustrious artists, including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Pharrell Williams, and has performed at esteemed events, such as President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

What is Jessica Aidi’s profession?

Jessica Aidi is a French model and actress known for working with renowned brands like L’Oreal Paris and Victoria’s Secret. She has also showcased her acting skills in various films and television shows, notably the French drama “Le Bureau des Légendes.”

How did DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi meet?

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi met at a dinner party in New York City in 2019. Their connection was instantaneous, leading to their blossoming romance.

When did DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi get married?

DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi tied the knot in August 2021. Their wedding ceremony took place in the South of France and was graced by notable guests, including Pharrell Williams and Usher.

What are some notable projects Jessica Aidi has worked on?

Throughout her career, Jessica Aidi has been involved in several exceptional projects. She has represented renowned brands like L’Oreal Paris and Victoria’s Secret and showcased her acting prowess in films like “Le Bureau des Légendes” and “La Grande Evasion.”

Do DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi have any children?

As of now, DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi do not have children.


Undoubtedly, DJ Cassidy’s wife, Jessica Aidi, stands tall as an accomplished model and entrepreneur who has made a profound impact independently. Despite being married to one of the world’s most successful DJs, Jessica has forged her own path and continues to inspire others.

Throughout this article, we delved into Jessica’s background, career, and her relationship with DJ Cassidy. From her humble beginnings in France to her ascent in the fashion industry, Jessica exemplifies how hard work and dedication can pave the way for remarkable achievements.

As DJ Cassidy continues to conquer the music industry, it is evident that his wife plays an indispensable role in his success. Jessica’s unwavering support, love, and partnership have propelled DJ Cassidy towards his goals, shaping him into the iconic DJ he is today.

In essence, DJ Cassidy and Jessica Aidi’s love story speaks volumes about the power of true love, partnership, and relentless effort. We wholeheartedly wish them the very best as they continue to achieve extraordinary milestones together.