What are the best free DJ apps?

What are the best free DJ apps? It can be expensive to be a DJ. You need to spend time learning how to utilize the equipment and software before you can start producing amazing songs. Unbelievable as it may seem, Android has several good DJ apps. There aren’t any that can currently run the entire show, but you can use these to supplement a setup, test out certain things, and at least do some fun things on the side.

It can be expensive to be a DJ. You need to spend time learning how to utilize the equipment and software before you can start producing amazing songs. Unbelievable as it may seem, Android has several good DJ apps. There aren’t any that can currently run the entire show, but you can use these to supplement a setup, test out certain things, and at least do some fun things on the side.

It used to be expensive to be a DJ. Even if you lacked any talents, you would need to start out by purchasing expensive equipment. Thank goodness, technology has reduced those costs. These days, you may even learn to DJ for nothing or for very little money. The following apps can help you become a better DJ, whether you want to do it for fun or for a living.

Cross DJ

One of the earliest DJ apps for mobile, according to Cross DJ, Its feature set is respectable. Track syncing, beat-grid manipulation, and pretty precise BPM recognition are all included. Five levels of pitch bending are also included in the app (4, 8, 16, 32, and 100%). Additionally, it contains a number of features that you may add by making in-app purchases. This features sample packs, support for external mixers, and an auto-mixer. Ads are also removed and more features are made available to you when you make an in-app payment. Although it isn’t cheap, it is otherwise reliable.

DJ Studio 5

One of the most complete DJ programs available is DJ Studio 5. It also features one of the best free options available. The primary app is entirely unrestricted and watermarked-free, according to the makers. This features 10 sample pads, eight sound effects, the ability to record live mixes, equalizers, and more. It costs nothing to utilize any of the features. You can, however, buy certain extras to complete the experience. Additionally, SoundCloud and various hardware controllers are supported.

djay for Android

One of the most widely used DJ apps on Android is djay. It just underwent a significant upgrade and essentially consolidated all of its offerings into one app. The software features a ton of respectable options, including support for SoundCloud and TIDAL, a beat-making sequencer, a looper, pre-cueing, and a number of Pioneer and Reloop DJ controllers.

Sadly, when Spotify switched it off, it lost access to Spotify, but the addition of TIDAL and SoundCloud should make things easier. In contrast to iOS, where there is a membership fee, the Android version has a one-time fee. However, the substantial new update also contained some issues about which many users have complained. Exercise caution.

edjing Mix

One more of the most potent DJ apps is edjing Mix. There are several aspects in it. Highlights include looping, compatibility for Deezer, 16 playable samples, continuous syncing between two tracks, and support for your local library. Turntables, SoundCloud access, a crossfader, and the ability to publish your mixes to the cloud through the app are additional features. Even the layout can be somewhat modified. The collection includes three apps in total. You can either get one of them for free or for $5.49. The other is free but offers optional extras that you may buy through in-app purchases.

Music Maker JAM

One of the most popular DJ apps for smartphones, if not the most popular, is Music Maker JAM. It satisfies every need for the fundamentals. You may record your own voice, make your own beats, add real-time effects, and choose from a variety of sound packs. Quite a bit of it is provided without charge. However, it does become very pricey rather rapidly, much like many mobile music creation apps. This program is particularly beneficial for amateur musicians looking for a way to record their own compositions.

Atomix VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ, which has received over 100 million downloads, is a great option for both beginning and seasoned DJs. Modern track separation, streaming platform integration, customizability, and all-important mixing tools are all features of the free program. You will get access to a sampler, a bank of effects, and a library management system with easy searching, intelligent folders, playlists, and other features.

The real-time stem separation technology and ModernEQ are what make Virtual DJ so compelling. To make spontaneous mashups and original transitions, it’s simple to isolate the vocals, drums, and other instrumentation. You should test out VirtualDJ’s stem separation even if you prefer using a different DJ tool to discover how this technology can alter the way you mix. Unfortunately, the primary drawback is that if you want to connect a DJ controller, you’ll need to purchase a VirtualDJ License.

Serato DJ Lite

Some of the top DJs in the world utilize Serato DJ Lite, a simplified version of the company’s popular DJ software. Even with a rather constrained toolkit, there are still plenty of elements to dive into, whether you’ve just acquired a new controller or are learning how to mix tracks using a mouse and keyboard. You can listen to and mix music from Beatport, Beatsource, SoundCloud, and Tidal, and you can even livestream your mixes for the world to hear.

You can use Serato DJ Lite in Practice Mode if you’re only using a mouse and keyboard to mix. This enables you to play around with your music while also teaching you the basics of mixing. You must acquire a DJ controller with a Serato DJ Lite unlock in order to use Performance Mode and thus the increased feature set. However, if you have the necessary hardware, you can continue to use the software at home and at concerts for free.


Mixxx includes capabilities that you might assume are only available in more expensive applications. You may create loops and samples that are timed to other tracks using the free software’s four mixing decks, sync, looping, pitch and key settings, and quantization features. Up to 64 sampler decks can be used to sprinkle sounds throughout your mixes. For innovative on-the-fly sound design, Mixxx’s effects chains also let you join up to three effects, including reverb, phaser, and bitcrusher.

Mixxx allows you to use a variety of DJ controllers and even timecode vinyl records and CDs without having to pay for expensive DJ software. The program is customizable, and you may record your mixes to your computer and broadcast them while speaking to your audience using the microphone input.

Despite the fact that the BPM recognition is generally correct, some users have mentioned problems with specific tunes, which could be challenging for novices. Simple functions like switching a track from one deck to another are also absent.

Mixvibes CrossDJ Free

CrossDJ by Mixvibes is available in three different editions, although the free version is surprisingly strong. You get two decks, three video effects (echo, flanger, and chop), two fully-functional video decks with 35 video transitions, camera integration, and a titler, in addition to the three video effects. Video output can be recorded, although in the free version it will be watermarked.

Cross DJ supports more than 80 controllers, including versions made by Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon DJ, and Native Instruments. Additionally, by connecting to SoundCloud, you can get smart playlists based on BPM, most played, recently played, and more, as well as stream tunes to the decks. Making notes about which songs pair well with one another is possible in the Match section, which also displays a history of the songs you’ve previously played together.

CrossDJ Free, created by Mixvibes as well for iOS and Android, is a fantastic method to start mixing on your smartphone.


A browser is positioned beneath each of the two decks in UltraMixer’s customizable layout, which moves the mixing portion from the centre of the screen to the bottom. Instead, the middle area might have two AudioSamplers that could be used to play video samples, trigger audio samples, add notes, and more. The necessary DJ tools, including cue, hot cue, loop, play, pitch slider, and others, are included on both decks. Additionally, you can import playlists from iTunes, Apple Music, and M3U files using the file management section found beneath each deck as well as create new folders and playlists.

The biggest restriction is that you may only use UltraMixer Pro Entertain’s free demo edition for a maximum of 60 minutes before having to restart it. Even in the commercial edition, there are only three different effects, which limits your creative mixing options.

Nevertheless, UltraMixer supports more than 80 DJ controllers, giving it a practical choice for learning how to use a new DJ controller before investing in more in-depth software.

Sites To Download Free DJ Music Legally

Want to get free, legal music downloads for your DJ sets? There are still many locations where you can do precisely that, whether you want to find something amazing that nobody else has or start a collection without spending a lot of money.

Free Music Archive

FMA is a website where you may legally download free DJ music that you can use in your sets, as the name would imply. Depending on the type of license associated with the music that you download, you can even slice the tracks up and use them as samples for beats or productions that you’re doing (without repercussions).

FMA is quite up to date because it offers hundreds of songs in a variety of genres, including hip-hop, experimental, electronic music, and it also has its own charts and tagging system that shows the most popular songs of the week.

Searching through the list of curators is another approach to find music on FMA. On FMA, curators are similar to playlisters and, as the name implies, they curate and even submit music. You can find what’s good without having to browse the site’s Genres section by bookmarking or following a few curators whose choices you trust.


SoundCloud has reinvented itself as a music streaming service for DJ/producers and beatmakers after formerly serving as the de facto medium for mixtapes, bootlegs, and unofficial remixes.

There is still a significant amount of music being released on SoundCloud, despite it no longer being the dominant force in DJ culture that it once was. Thanks to its labeling system, switching between artists (or labels) in any genre is very simple, making this the most user-friendly place yet for music discovery. If you’re looking for edits and remixes, it’s worth a look.


An American internet music startup called BandCamp enables people from all around the world to market their songs and products. DJs may establish their own rates for their creations, which fans can buy or even donate more for. Bandcamp gives customers the choice of digital downloads, vinyl records, or CDs.


Facebook can allow DJs to share their music for free on their pages, despite the fact that it’s best known as a social media platform. After like their page, you may see the list of download links.

The “Facebook Sound Collection” is an additional new function that Facebook has added to its website. As a result, consumers can download songs from different genres without worrying about copyright issues.


Users can download albums and tracks on Noisetrade, which is similar to BandCamp in principle. This website solely asks for your email address in exchange for downloads because it prioritizes growing an artist’s email list. Customers are permitted to tip their preferred DJs if they so choose.

Record Label Websites

Record companies occasionally release tracks and samples from their newest talents for marketing purposes. You can obtain more freebies by taking part in the contests that these record labels sponsor. Users may now download directly from their preferred DJs and producers thanks to this.


While there are many paid DJ apps on the market, there are also some great free ones. If you’re just starting out and want to learn the basics of DJing, or if you’re on a tight budget, these five free DJ apps are a great place to start. Contact us today to learn more about our professional DJ services – we can help take your music career to the next level!

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