Vinh Long Province Radio and Television Station

Vinh Long Province Radio and Television Station

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the province, you may be interested in finding out more about the Vinh Long province radio and television station. This article will provide you with information about this radio and television station, including its history and features, as well as contacts and shows that are on air.

Vinh Long province radio and television station

Located in the southern part of Vietnam, Vinh Long Province is a Mekong Delta region destination. This region is home to tropical climate and rice fields. It is home to a number of ethnic communities and offers a chance to interact with them. It is easy to get to the area by car, train or bus.

Vinh Long is a good destination to visit during the winter months. The weather is cooler and there are very little rains. However, the summers are humid. There is plenty to do in the area, including brickyards and pagodas. You can also enjoy a boat ride to explore the area.

Vinh Long Province is also home to a number of festivals. The Ky Yen Festival is one of the largest celebrations in the area. It is a good way to get to know the local culture and traditions.

The Temple of Literature in Vinh Long is a museum that showcases the history of the area. It also features a garden and two temples.

Vinh Long Province Radio and Television Station is a radio station that is popular with many in the south. It is owned by the Department of Information – Communication. It also boasts of a 150m high self-standing broadcasting tower.

The features

Located in the central of Vietnam, the city of Vinh Long is a traffic hub and a major industrial center. It is also the gateway to Ben Tre province. In addition, Vinh Long is an industrial and trade-training center. The city also has a number of universities and vocational schools.

The city is part of the Tien river region. This region has a number of towns and districts. Some of the important towns include Cai Ngang, Binh Tan, Long Ho, Tan Quoi, Huu Thanh, Ba Cang, and Tam Binh.

There are more than 500 radio and television stations in Vietnam. These stations are mostly located in cities. They usually produce educational and entertainment programs. The content of these programs covers a variety of genres. The educational content includes teaching and vocational education. The entertainment content includes games and self-production.

The city has also been a good place for the broadcast of blockbuster films from other countries. These films are purchased by local television stations from foreign copyright companies. In addition, local television stations have rebroadcast animated films from abroad. In addition, local television stations have participated in signal transmission of sports matches.

Local television stations also broadcast medical and health programs. These programs provide discussion, analysis, and information about major topics. In addition, local stations have also acquired entertainment programs from socialization cooperation units. The programs are aimed at the children, youth, and society in general.

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During the Vietnam War, Vinh Long Airfield, which was located near the mouth of the Mekong river, was a hub of operations for river vessels and MACV camps north and south of the border. It was also a major base for operations in the Mekong Delta. During the infamous Tet Offensive, it was subjected to a heavy dose of VC firepower. It also figured prominently in the most notable naval aviation feats of the late 1960s and early 1970s. In particular, it was the home of the Navy’s newest and largest carrier task group. It was also the site of the first and most notable air-to-air confrontation in the Vietnam War.

The most interesting of all was the tally that the Navy and the Army had amassed more than a hundred tons of munitions. This was in addition to the hundreds of tons of aircraft bombs, missiles and other tactical weapons that they had smuggled out of Vietnam. The Army was not to be outdone and deployed the UH-1B Iroquois helicopter. A Navy variant, the Seawolf, was also in the thick of things. The 421-man unit was in charge of the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned (oh, I said it) aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned.

Reviews about Vinh Long province radio

THVL is a radio station in Vinh Long province, Vietnam. The station has a 150m self-standing broadcasting tower. It is equipped with digital technology radio program production equipment. It has a 10Kw stereo FM transmitter.

Vinh Long province’s Radio and Television Station has launched a new charity program. It provides a small grant to local organizations. This includes the 4 Oranges company which provides scholarships worth 2.5 million Vietnam dong.

The station also has a review session on class nine and twelve each week. This review session involves literature, math THVL4, and a review on history THVL4.

The station also has a refresher program for students. The program is broadcast daily at fifteenh. This refresher helps students to cope with epidemics. It also helps students to learn about time prevention.

The station also has a website that offers sound tracks of some of the episodes of the soap opera. It also features a specialized technical system that allows it to broadcast local and national radio programs. This system is evaluated by competent authorities and coordinated with other agencies. The station also has a bank account.

The station also has a new charity program that will benefit a dozen villages. The program is in the finals of the 2008 Global Development Awards.

Shows on radio

Among shows on Vinh Long province radio and television station are a series about Vietnamese fairy tales. These shows have been very popular on YouTube with several million viewers.

The shows are based on a classic Vietnamese epic by poet Nguyen Du. They feature popular artists such as Nguyen Chanh on cello and Coco on guitar. They also include traditional Vietnamese folk songs from the southern provinces. The performances have won top prizes at cai luong contests.

The first series was funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It also used entertainment education as a way to reach millions of farmers with information on resource management. This project has helped to change the way farmers think and behave. It has also helped to reduce the use of fertilizer and seed by 7%.

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A long term film project is being produced by Vietfilm and Vinh Long Radio & Television. It features dozens of young talents from the theatre clubs in Vinh Long. It will air every Monday. The project features more than 30 actors and actresses. It also includes a music festival and a choreography show. This project was launched in 2019 and will air on Vinh Long Radio & Television.

Related to radio

Located in the south of Vietnam, Vinh Long Radio and Television Station (THVL) has a very large fan base in the region. The station is under the provincial party committee and Department of Information – Communication.

THVL mainly broadcasts news, entertainment and documentaries. The station also broadcasts an animation program from abroad and has rebroadcast feature films from local and central stations.

THVL has also developed a self-standing broadcasting tower with an antenna height of 150 meters. The station also purchased a mobile video car in 2003. The station has received the Labor Medal of Second Grade.

The station also broadcasts football matches. In addition, they have also broadcasted a variety of health programs. This includes news bulletin Health 24h (VTV1) and gameshow Vitamin (HanoiTV).

The station also broadcasts educational content, including teaching and vocational training. It is also known for its health programs and discussion of major topics. Some programs also provide analysis of topics on other local stations.

The station also produces weekly educational reports. These include sex education and educational activities for children.

The station also produces medical and health programs, such as the news bulletin Health 24h (VTV1). In addition, the station produces health and educational programs aimed at the elderly.

Radio contacts

PT-THVL is a radio station that is operated by the Vinh Long province Radio and Television Agency. It is one of the best broadcast service providers in Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. It also offers attractive programs and cable networks. This radio station is popular with audiences in the southern provinces of Vietnam. It is under the Department of Information and Provincial Party Committee. It is the third largest radio and television station in the country. It has two broadcast channels: VOV-1 and VOV-3.

VOV-1 is carried in the Danang area, Ha Giang, Dien Bien Phu and Son La provinces. VOV-3 is a 24-hour music and news station. It is carried in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Ha Giang. It also provides traffic information services in Ho Chi Minh City. The station is also operated by Vinh Long Postal Network. It provides postal delivery services to 100% of communes in Vinh Long province. It has also expanded the telecom line to 100% of the communes in the province. It is also one of the top 40 radio stations in Vietnam.

Vinh Long is one of the most beautiful provinces in Vietnam. It is home to many beautiful landscapes, historical sites and natural resources. Its economy is stable and strong. It has a credit system that is very effective. It has a number of urban water supply systems and has 01 Social Policy Bank and a Development Fund. It also has a number of banks and transaction offices spread throughout the province.

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