The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Downloading DJ Music

Top Record Pools for DJs

If you want to succeed as a DJ, finding the perfect music for your set is essential. In this article, we will introduce you to the top websites and pools for DJ music download.

Digital DJ Pool

Digital DJ Pool stands out with its user-friendly interface and immediate accessibility. With over 150,000 tracks from 40 different genres, this platform provides an extensive selection. Each song comes with multiple versions, ranging from clean to mashup. The website tags the files with artist, title, version, genre, BPM, and Key, making it easy to organize your music library. Digital DJ Pool also offers a mobile app, allowing you to listen to music, create crates, and edit playlists from anywhere. You can even submit your own music for promotion, reaching thousands of DJs and FM radio stations worldwide.

BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme is a digital record library trusted by experienced DJs, producers, and remixers. With a wide variety of genres, including Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, Latin, and more, BPM Supreme caters to diverse musical preferences. Their library features high-quality MP3s and MP4s, labeled with important details such as name, title, length, and BPM. They also offer various versions of the music, including clean, dirty, instrumental, and acapella. BPM Supreme provides a mobile app for easy streaming and access to new remixes, DJ news, and more.


iDJPool, originally known as Illinois Music Pool, offers one of the broadest record pools available. With genres ranging from EDM and hip-hop to rock, pop, country, and more, iDJPool caters to various music tastes. This is an excellent option for wedding DJs who need an extensive music library. The website may not have the most modern design, but its vast collection of 320k MP3s makes it worthwhile. Depending on your music requirements, monthly costs can range from $15 to $50.

Club Killers

For dance music enthusiasts, Club Killers is one of the best pools available. The platform offers a wide variety of clubs and exclusive edits and remixes that can’t be found elsewhere. While Club Killers doesn’t have a mobile version or app, its crafted playlists and access to trending tracks make it a valuable resource for DJs. The monthly membership fee for Club Killers is $35.


As one of the industry’s biggest names, DJCity provides an extensive selection of tracks and remixes across multiple genres. While DJCity focuses on new and fresh music, their licensing restrictions limit access to older songs. DJs specializing in hip-hop, house, R&B, Latin, and other popular genres will find DJCity particularly useful. DJCity offers both a desktop and mobile app, allowing DJs to access high-quality audio on the go.

Direct Music Service

Direct Music Service (DMS) is a fantastic option for DJs looking for both brand-new and vintage music. DMS offers a vast genre selection that caters to a wide range of music preferences. DJs can request specific tracks, and DMS will do their best to add them to their library. The mobile app provided by DMS allows DJs to work on the go. DMS offers three payment options, with the Pro Monthly or Pro Yearly memberships providing access to videos.

Promo Only Pool

For DJs seeking variety, Promo Only offers dozens of genre-based pools, from dance and electronic music to Latin, country, and Christian music. Promo Only also provides a substantial amount of video content for VDJs. With various pricing options available, Promo Only offers pools with different genres and video pools.

Websites for Legally Downloading Free DJ Music

While record pools offer an extensive selection of DJ music, there are also ways to download music for free. Here are some websites where you can legally and freely download DJ music.


SoundCloud is not only a great platform for marketing your own music but also a treasure trove of remixes and original music that you can use in your performances. While some tracks may require a like on the owner’s Facebook page, there are many high-quality free downloads available.

Facebook Sound Collection

Facebook has its own music library where you can download a wide variety of songs without worrying about copyright issues. With easy navigation and search options, Facebook Sound Collection makes it convenient to find music based on genre, mood, and duration.


BandCamp is an excellent platform to discover independent tracks from producers and independent record labels. While you may not find many big-name producers here, BandCamp offers a simple and enjoyable experience for downloading free or moderately priced tracks.


Noisetrade, similar to BandCamp, allows you to download tracks and full releases for free. While you need to provide your email address to support musicians, Noisetrade offers a collection of fascinating music worth exploring.


Although not primarily designed for DJs, Jamendo provides a vast selection of free music. The website also serves as a platform for music licensing, making it a valuable resource for DJs searching for unique tracks.


Soundclick is one of the earliest websites to offer free music downloads. With a vast collection of hip-hop, electronic, urban, rock, pop, and heavy metal songs, Soundclick is a go-to destination for free music.


If you’re a DJ looking for new tracks to enhance your set or simply an enthusiast passionate about exploring music, the websites and pools mentioned in this article will keep you busy for hours. Record pools offer excellent tracks, edits, and remixes that you can’t find anywhere else. While free websites are an additional source for tunes, their effectiveness may be limited. However, they can still provide valuable music options. Feel free to explore these resources and share your favorite sites in the comments below. And if you need assistance with downloading or mixing any of these tunes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re more than happy to help!

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