Things You Need to Know About Virtual DJ 8

An Overview of Virtual DJ 8

Virtual DJ 8 is a powerful music mixing software that has been completely redesigned from scratch, offering improved sound quality and functionality compared to its predecessors. Although the overall look and feel of the software remain familiar, it represents a significant advancement in the world of commercial DJ software. With its technologically competent rebuild, Virtual DJ 8 supports a wide range of hardware and provides easy access to in-app content.

First Impressions of Virtual DJ 8

In the past, Virtual DJ has faced criticism from some DJs who did not consider it “professional” software for performance. However, Virtual DJ 8 has addressed many of these concerns. The graphical user interface has undergone a much-needed redesign, offering a clearer and more user-friendly experience. The software also supports high-resolution screens, making it the first DJ program to cater to Apple’s Retina display. Compared to other popular DJ software, Virtual DJ 8 stands out with its sharp and readable display.

Setting up Virtual DJ 8

When it comes to compatibility with controllers, Virtual DJ is renowned for its extensive list of officially compatible devices. With over 210 controllers that work right out of the box, Virtual DJ removes barriers by allowing DJs to use practically any controller they prefer, even custom-built ones. The software offers three licensing options: Home User, Advanced Home User, and Professional User. Each license caters to different DJing needs, whether for personal use or professional performances.

In Use

Virtual DJ 8 offers several window sections to enhance the DJing experience. The Mixer window provides virtual decks and basic EQ sections, allowing DJs to control the audio output. The Video window is particularly popular among mobile and karaoke DJs, as it enables the integration of visuals with the music. The Scratch window is designed for scratch performance, providing a vertical waveform display and features like Clone Deck buttons for quick setup. The Master window allows DJs to control the complete audio output, apply effects, and record their mixes.

Hot Cues, Effects, and Loop Sections

Virtual DJ 8 offers convenient features like Hot Cues, Effects, and Loops to enhance the DJing experience. The Hot Cue section allows DJs to instantly access specific points in a track, while the Effects section provides various effects to modify the sound. The Loop section enables DJs to create loops, specify their duration, and activate them as needed during a performance. With these features, DJs have greater control over their mixes and can add creative elements to their sets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Virtual DJ 8 is a powerful and feature-rich music mixing software that can help DJs of all levels create professional-sounding mixes. With its extensive list of compatible controllers, improved user interface, and innovative features like video mixing capabilities, Virtual DJ 8 offers a dynamic DJing experience. While it may take some time to explore all of its functions, the possibilities for creating unforgettable mixes are endless. If you’re interested in learning more about Virtual DJ 8 or trying it out for yourself, contact Oneman today. Our team will be happy to guide you through the basics and help you get started on your DJing journey.