Real Truth For Today radio show

Real Truth For Today radio show

Whenever I need to get some spiritual food in my system, I listen to the real truth for today radio show. This show, which airs every Sunday morning, has a variety of topics, and is always a great way to get my spiritual appetite satisfied. You can find the show on SiriusXM channel 162 and a podcast of the show is also available on iTunes.

Real Truth For Today radio show

Whether you’re looking for the best podcasts in the aural universe or just want to listen to the best of the best, the Real Truth Radio Network has got you covered. You can listen to a variety of top notch speakers from the best in the business, including James Ford, a veteran of the ministry scene and author of the popular Bible-based curriculum called Treasured Truth.

The Real Truth Radio Network is not just about delivering the gospel, but also about providing resources for gospel-centric initiatives and mentoring frontline ministry folks. Its website is a trove of resources, including a library of podcasts, a huge archive of free downloadable content and a library of Bible studies, audiobooks and more. Its website also features a section devoted to downloadable sermon notes and handouts.

The Real Truth Radio Network carries out the mission of the Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, Texas, where it was founded in 2011. The site offers a variety of services and resources to make your church better. It also features a section devoted to Bible study resources and a free resource center for local church members and pastors.

Recent podcasts

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay motivated or are seeking to better understand your faith, these recent podcasts of real truth for today are sure to help. Some podcasts are short and easy to listen to, while others are a little more in-depth. Some cover topics like famous rivalries, religious disagreements, and political scandals.

“The Decoder Ring” is a podcast that invites listeners to submit theories and research about random topics. It’s a great show for true crime lovers. It’s also available on all major streaming platforms. The show features retired investigator Paul Holes, investigative journalist Billy Jensen, and other people who have a love for the unknown.

“In The Dark” is an investigative podcast that covers a notorious criminal case. A journalist investigates the deathbed confession of Frank Sheeran and tracks down clues in new police records. The podcast also examines a new Florida crime.

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“Modern Love” is part of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ New York Times column. Esther Perel, a modern love expert, discusses a variety of topics in her podcast.

Hannah’s answered prayer Ch1

Among the many biblical stories of prayer is that of Hannah. She was a woman of great faith, and her prayer is a testimony of God’s faithfulness to her.

She went to the Lord in prayer because she was depressed. She believed that only God could give her the relief she sought. She believed that a baby was the reward for her prayers.

The Bible says that Hannah gave birth to a son, Samuel. Samuel was a prophet, counselor, and Israel’s greatest judge. He was born at a crucial time in history.

Hannah had faith in God, and was willing to give her son to the Lord for all that he would be. She was a God-fearing woman, and her son was a testimony of God’s answer to her prayer.

The best part about the prayer is the last verse. It is a prophecy about Christ the King. In addition to being a messianic prophecy, the last verse also encapsulates the many other ways God fulfilled Hannah’s prayer.

The first part of the prayer is a well-known scripture. It is a prayer to God about a specific act of God. It is also a poetic prayer under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Beatitudes Ch5:1-20

Among the five major discourses of Jesus, the Beatitudes are one of the most beloved. They describe the life of those who are dedicated to God and are perfect disciples.

While many have been persecuted for their righteousness, the Beatitudes teach that those who follow the way of the King are blessed. In the end, these beatitudes are more than a collection of proverbs. They also describe the true people of God.

Unlike the story passages of the Bible, the Beatitudes are formalized as declarative sentences. The words are very precise and full of meaning. Each saying describes a certain aspect of being righteous. It also picks up a theme from the Old Testament.
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In the Bible, the poor were often oppressed, had little power, and had little hope. They were dependent on others for survival. Their hope was based on a promise of land.

However, the Beatitudes also describe people who are righteous, passionate, and hungry for life. These people will receive a great reward in heaven. Moreover, they will be called sons of God.

Temptations Ch4

Temptations were a frequent topic of discussion during Jesus’ ministry. Satan, a powerful foe, was constantly trying to sway Jesus into a sinful lifestyle. Jesus was preparing for the grueling task of combating Satan and his demons. He had fasted for forty days and forty nights. The Holy Spirit had led him to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

The most exciting thing about Jesus’ temptation is that Satan did not get the best of him. He was able to trick Jesus into doing the wrong thing. For example, the devil tried to make Jesus doubt his heavenly Father’s authority. Thankfully, Jesus knew who his Father was.

The other major event during Jesus’ ministry was the miracle of the resurrection. Jesus was resurrected and went on to conquer the demons, restore the relationship with His Father, and save the human race. Satan was a stumbling block, but Jesus knew he could rely on the Holy Spirit to keep him in line. He also knew the angels would protect him.

Reviews about real truth for today radio show

WRTN-DB is a station that features the Real Truth, Real Love, Real Hope radio show. Its mission is to help people know God better. In addition, it also helps to strengthen local churches. Its goal is to convert unbelievers and establish believers. It also seeks to teach the Bible with clarity. Its mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

In this radio show, listeners can expect to hear powerful truths from the Bible that will help them grow closer to God. The program’s team will also take a reflective look at the Bible each week.

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