Radio Cadena Agramonte En Vivo

Radio Cadena Agramonte En Vivo

Radio was born in the early 1900s in Puerto Rico, and the pioneers who were involved in radio broadcasting were Jose Luis Cadenas, Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, Mario Crespo Fuentes, Homero de Dios Suarez, and Francisco Canela Ciurana. Later, technology became available to the masses, making radio broadcasting an important part of our culture.

Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz

The legendary Cuban composer, El Mayor Ignacio Agramonte Y Loynaz, has inspired countless Cuban musicians. While a complete compilation of his works is nearly impossible to put together, there are many recordings available from the local archives. These recordings feature love songs, as well as pieces that focus on the theme of death.

Ignacio Agramonte was a Camagueyan military leader, as well as an intellectual revolutionary. He had immense ambition and a penchant for action. In the Jimaguayu War, he led an army of 35 men and proclaimed that he would “conquer the redencion” with arms.

The story of Amalia Simoni is also an important part of Agramonte lore. This cult figure is extremely beautiful and has become something of a cultural icon. Despite being a juguetone, her story is also tragic, involving paternal opposition and a love affair that ended in divorce.

Agramonte’s parents were criollas. His father was a liberal lawyer who served in the government of Puerto Principe. He was a decan of his town.

The Museo in the city of Agramonte is home to many works that are dedicated to the composer. Besides Agramonte, the Biblioteca Provincial Julio Antonio Mella also houses the works of other Camagueyan artists. The Museo also holds works by Aurelio Martinez Zulueta, a painter and event organizer.

Agramonte’s song “El Mayor” is a popular one in his native Camaguey. It was first performed by Silvio Rodriguez on the centenary of the mayor’s death. The song is also used on Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Radio Cadena Agramonte has a Facebook page where its listeners can follow the broadcasts. The Facebook page also includes a live broadcast link. Unfortunately, you can’t share the audio or video from the broadcasts.

Cadena Agramonte is a popular radio station in Mexico. You can listen to it on the internet or in the office. The staff of the station uses social media to stay connected with their listeners. The radio station has a computer in its office that all employees use.

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Creating a radio competitive

In the media mix, radio is no longer the exclusive domain of established players. New players are challenging established broadcasters to stay relevant. One of the most significant changes in the media mix is the rise of the car radio as the number one listening location for broadcast radio. As more consumers swap out their older vehicles for newer ones that feature connectivity and touchscreens, the car radio is becoming an increasingly important medium.

Technological problems

In its first few years, radio Cadena Agramonte had the best programming in Cuba, with the music of all genres, news, and magazine programs. Today, the station has become less diversified, with only a few hours of music per day. Its aim is to become as similar as possible to Radio Rebelde, which boasts four-hour programs.

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Having a fixed program

Radio Cadena Agramonte has a long history, and one of its best qualities was the quality of its programming. It had a wide variety of genres, including popular music, news, and magazines. Now, however, the station has gone downhill and is simply a block of musical blocks that copies Radio Rebelde.

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