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Mitch Faulkner – Legendary Radio Personality

For fans of R&B music, Mitch Faulkner is a legend. The radio personality was a pioneer in the Atlanta R&B scene and was nicknamed ‘The Voice.’ Faulkner was also a successful businessman. He started his own production company, ON MIC PRODUCTIONS, in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility employs eleven people and is the largest privately-owned production company in the country. He pioneered digital audio delivery, the first in the country.

Atlanta R&B radio legend Mitch Faulkner

Atlanta R&B radio legend Mitch Fauulkner passed away on January 8, 2019. He was a member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame and was most recently heard on Kiss 104.1 and Classix 102.9 in Atlanta. He also worked in Houston and Richmond and began his career in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

In addition to his radio work, Faulkner was an active part of the Atlanta music scene. He was a co-founder of ON MIC PRODUCTIONS, the first Black radio production facility in the nation, which consists of 4400 square feet of space and four digital studios. The company currently employs 11 people and was one of the first in the nation to implement digital delivery of audio.

His early career began as a volunteer DJ in Hopkinsville, KY. Later, he was hired as a creative services director for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. After a few years, he landed in Atlanta, where he was renowned as “The Voice.” His success eventually led him to work in various major markets, and he was a signature voice on the Janet Jackson Control Tour.

Whether you are a student or working in the music industry, you can find an Atlanta R&B radio personality to match your tastes. Mitch Faulkner’s passion for music has made him a great influence on many people. During his career, he has worked with such artists as Michael Jackson, Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, and Boyz II Men.

He’s a member of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame, Huntsville – Decatur, Alabama Chapter. He began working for the station in 1999, with her first show being “Blues at Midnight.” Although Gospel was her first love, she has since made R&B her specialty. Her current radio shows include Sophisticated Sassy Soul Blues Saturdays from 4-8pm, and Chariots to Glory on Sundays.

He was nicknamed ‘The Voice’

Mitch Faulkner was a longtime Atlanta resident and nationally known VO/Imaging Producer. With his brother Arvester, he co-founded ON MIC PRODUCTIONS in the late 80s. They later formed the MFG (MITCH FAULKNER GROUP). Mitch was one of the first African Americans to start his own independent VO/Imaging production company. His voice could be heard on more than 200 stations across the country.

Aside from his radio career, Mitch Faulkner had many hobbies, including riding motorcycles, restoring classic Chevy trucks, and fishing. He was also a father and husband to three sons. He was also an avid fan of classic rock music and a photographer.

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Despite his passion for music, Faulkner’s life was not always a smooth one. Faulkner attempted to join the U.S. Army Air Force but was rejected due to his height. Consequently, he lied about his birthdate and location. In addition, he spelled his name incorrectly to sound more British. He even tried to use a British accent during meetings with RAF officials. After being rejected by the Air Force, Faulkner started training in Toronto and was later discharged. He later purchased an officer’s dress uniform and wings to wear on his breast pocket.

Faulkner’s work has influenced artists for decades. His most creative period was from 1929 to 1942. He achieved more than most writers achieve in a lifetime. Despite the controversy surrounding his political views, he was able to elevate his works to a level beyond his time and experience. As a writer, he knew that art will always transcend the creator.

The Civil War features prominently in some of Faulkner’s work. The fictional Mississippi landscape, Yoknapatawpha County, is populated by battlefields, graveyards, and former slaves and draft dodgers. Many of his novels feature ghosts. In one story, Revere Hightower is haunted by the ghost of Faulkner’s grandfather. The war doesn’t spare any Southerners.

Master Urban Radio Imaging Artist

Mitch Faulkner, the legendary voice of urban radio imaging, has passed away. He was 64 years old and a radio veteran. He also worked as a voice talent for local television stations. His work ranged from announcing station call letters to radio station promotions. He also voiced commercials for a variety of companies. He was the original voice of UniverSoul Circus and did imaging for 11 Alive WXIA-TV.

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Faulkner received numerous awards for his work. The state of Georgia honored him with a resolution for his contributions to African American music. In addition, the city of Atlanta declared December 3 Mitch Faulkner Day, and he was inducted into the Georgia and National Black Radio Halls of Fame. In addition, Faulkner won an Emmy for his broadcasts on a new Birth Missionary Church show.

Mitch Faulkner Passes Away at Age 64

Legendary radio personality Mitch Faulkner has passed away at age 64. He was a member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame and a veteran broadcaster. Most recently, he was heard on Classix 102.9 and Kiss 104.1 in Atlanta. His career also took him to Richmond, Texas, and Houston. He was also known as the signature voice of the Janet Jackson Control Tour.

Faulkner’s illness began when he suffered a tear in his aorta, requiring him to undergo dialysis for three years. Unfortunately, his efforts to have a kidney transplant were delayed by the pandemic. He was also a motorcycle enthusiast and organized ride-alongs for organizations such as the 100 Black Men, National Prostate Awareness Association, and the Leukemia Foundation. Sadly, his death comes at a time when his family is dealing with the loss of a loved one.

After a career in radio, Mitch Faulkner began his career as a songwriter. He co-founded ON MIC PRODUCTIONS, which is the first Black-owned radio production facility in the United States. The studio has 4400 square feet of space, four digital studios, and eleven full-time employees. Faulkner was one of the first people to use digital delivery of audio.

Faulkner struggled to find a publisher for his first novel, Flags in the Dust, a long and complex novel that drew extensively on local observation and Faulkner’s own family history. Ultimately, it was published posthumously in 1973. Despite its length and complexity, Faulkner managed to produce an impressive, richly imagined world in his first novel, Flags in the Dust.

Aside from being a legendary radio personality, Mitch Faulkner was also a beloved husband and father. He had three sons and enjoyed a wide variety of hobbies. He loved to ride motorcycles, restore classic Chevy trucks, and take pictures. He was also an avid fisherman and loved to listen to classic rock music.

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