Radio La voz de Ingapirca

Listen to Radio La Voz De Ingapirca on Your Android

Radio La voz de Inga Pirca has a diversified and educational-musical program, which consists of music, basic education, health, agricultura, religion, and news. It has received support from local, national, and international organizations.

Radio La voz de Ingapirca

Radio La Voz de Ingapirca is a free radio station in Ecuador, accessible worldwide. All you need is an Internet connection. However, you should know about the developer’s data practices. This will help you to protect your privacy. The developer may change information and the privacy policy from time to time.

The main aim of Radio La Voz de Ingapirca is to spread cultural and educational information from the community. It has a web presence and a telephone number of 593 7 223537. The station broadcasts various informational programs, directed to people of all ages. It also offers a number of services to the local community.

Nuestra Filosofía

Nuestra Filosofa on Radio la voz de Ingapirca is a radio program devoted to promoting indigenous knowledge. The show is produced by a team of indigenous artists and includes music, dance, and stories. The program is part of a new initiative called the Ley de Comunicación, which is being implemented in Peru and Bolivia.

Radio education is a tool for cultural and social mobilization. It provides listeners with cultural and educational information that is relevant to their lives. The format of radio education is similar to that of a television set. To accomplish this, emisors are required to have at least 5% of intercultural programming.

Radio Modelo and Radio La voz are similar, although radio La Voz has a more diverse playlist. The frequency of the “propia” content on radio Modelo is higher, while the “intercultural” content on radio La Voz is lower. The DURACION graphic shows the two programs, and reveals that radio Modelo has a higher proportion of intercultural content than Radio La Voz.


If you’d like to listen to the Spanish language, you’ll find La Voz de Ingapirca in the Spanish language on your Android device. This app will allow you to hear Spanish language music and enjoy the Spanish language experience while you’re on the go.

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The radio station is based in Canar, Peru, and transmits on the 820 Khz Amplitud Modulada frequency, or 94.5 Mhz. It serves the Canar Province and parts of the Chimborazo Province. The station is also based in the town of Morona Santiago. It offers a variety of music, news, and information.

The radio application is free to download, and it works with most Android devices, tablets, and laptops. It does require an internet connection and requires no auriculars. Once downloaded, the application may take some time to load. The speed of your device and the memory of your device may affect the loading time.

Similar Stations

Radio La voz de Ingaprica is an application for Android that gives users the chance to listen to various kinds of music. The application is a good choice for those who are fond of music. It has a wide range of songs from all around the world and can be played on your Android device regardless of the location.

Radio La voz de Ingaprica is a free station that can be accessed from any part of the world. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet to listen. However, you should also be aware of the developer’s privacy and security policies. They may change over time.

Radio La voz de Ingaprica is one of the most popular stations in Ecuador. It is broadcasting in several languages, including Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. This station is located in Guaranda, a city in the Bolivar province.

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Related radio stations

Radio La Voz de Ingapirca is a local Ecuadorian station broadcasting a variety of programs from current events to local culture and music. This station is aimed at a general audience. Other programs include local news, arts, crafts, and regional affairs. Additionally, the station broadcasts programs from around the world.

The station is operated by the Caracol network and is located in the Caracol Manizales area. It is a local station and is the first in the region. There is another station in the network, but it has a weak signal, causing an echo effect when the station switches to network news.

This application allows you to listen to a variety of local Ecuadorian radio stations. You can select your favorite station from a list of radios grouped by region. This radio player is free and works with most devices. You’ll need a WiFi connection and a device with enough memory.

Radio La voz de Ingapirca reviews

If you’re a music lover, then you’ve probably downloaded the official Android application for Radio La voz de Inga Pirca. It’s a free station from Canar Ecuador, and it can be listened to on the go from almost anywhere. But before you download the app, it’s important to know its privacy and security policies. These policies can vary by region and age, so read up on them to be sure.

“La Voz de Ingapirca” is a community radio station. Despite its name, it’s a private station that is rigged to promote the community’s objectives. We’ve conducted two evaluations, one for the radio station and one for the station’s general service. We assessed its technical periodistic criteria, community participation and legal requirements to come to a conclusion on its worthiness and potential as a radio station.

Radio “La Voz de Ingapirca” has been involved in cultural and communication studies since 1998. The community radio station has a variety of features, including community participation and technical criteria for journalistic participation. It also has a focus on political science and communication strategies.


Dirección de Radio La vox de Ingapirca is an independent, community radio station in Ingapirca, Bolivia. It aims to contribute to the democratization of communication. Radio is a limited resource, a common human heritage. However, the administration of radio is the responsibility of national governments. In addition to this, radio carries a very specific meaning in terms of public space and social interaction.

The programming on Dirección de Radio La vox de Ingapirca is cultural and educational and focuses on the Canar Province and its people. The station’s name comes from the quichua word “Ingapirka”, meaning “muro of the Inca.” This ancient structure was built in the early XVI century, before Spanish colonization.

This radio station was founded in 1975, as a project of the Dominican Community. However, the Dominican Community decided to restrict the station’s emision hours to a few hours a day. Padre Luis Ramirez, a former director of the station, was considering transferring the ownership of the station to commercial interests. The station was eventually reconstituted for commercial purposes and ceased operations on 31 june 1992.

Dirección de Radio La Voz de Ingapirca, Ecuador’s first community radio station, offers educational and cultural content to its citizens. The station broadcasts national and international news and cultural content and also features music and art segments. The station has received support from national and international organizations.

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