Jensen Heavy Duty radio

Jensen Heavy Duty Radio: Durable, Waterproof, and Versatile

Introducing Jensen Heavy Duty Radio

ASA Electronics has introduced the JHD1130 Heavy-Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio, the latest addition to their line of high-quality audio equipment. This technologically advanced radio boasts impressive features like an RBDS tuner, a mini AUX-in jack, a 12/24 hour selectable clock, and a water-resistant LCD display. What’s more, it is powered by a Super-Cap 30-day power backup.

The standout feature of this radio is its compact size, making it an ideal fit for any powersports enthusiast. With its heavy-duty hardware kit, the JHD1130 is well-protected from knocks and bumps. It also comes with an RCA AUX input pigtail, making it compatible with popular aftermarket audio components.

In comparison to its predecessor, the HD 500, the JHD1130 offers even more impressive features. Its large segmented LCD display ensures excellent visibility, and its two-wire hookup prevents battery drain. The radio also includes a small hardware kit with a mini-USB port for quick firmware updates. Additionally, the JHD1130 features a conformal-coated circuit board for added protection.

Key Features of Jensen Heavy Duty Radio

Designed to withstand tough conditions, the Jensen Heavy Duty JHD1130B receiver is built with ruggedness in mind. Its ultra-rugged construction and conformal-coated circuit board ensure durability. Extensive vibration and temperature testing have been conducted to guarantee optimal performance. The receiver also features an anti-corrosion faceplate.

The JHD1130 radio comes with an amber backlit control panel and a ten-character segmented LCD display. It includes an RBDS tuner for receiving radio signals and an auxiliary input for connecting external audio devices. The radio also offers an automatic store/preset scan (AS/PS) function, enabling you to easily select and store your preferred AM or FM band.

Equipped with an AM/FM Weather Band tuner, the JHD1130 allows users to stay updated with the latest weather alerts from NOAA stations. When a NOAA warning broadcast is received, the radio automatically switches to the weather band. Drivers can take advantage of the preset buttons to quickly access their favorite weather bands.

The JHD1130 radio is Bluetooth capable, allowing you to receive phone calls from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. It also features a USB port, Bluetooth streaming, and a single CD player. With its Super-Cap 30-day power backup, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio entertainment.

Jensen Heavy Duty Radio: Built for Any Adventure

Whether you’re a heavy-duty trucker or a dedicated mariner, Jensen heavy duty radios are designed to handle the toughest conditions. With features like Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio compatibility, and a waterproof receiver, the JHD1130 is the latest addition to Jensen’s line of heavy-duty audio products.

The JHD1130 offers an enhanced feature set, including a 12/24 hour selectable clock, segmented LCD display, and white LED backlighting. With its mini auxiliary-in jack, RBDS tuner, and preset tuning, this radio has everything you need. Its Super-Cap 30-day power backup ensures uninterrupted performance.

Specifically built for heavy-duty applications, the Jensen JHD1130 incorporates industry-specific design considerations. Its conformal-coated PCB provides protection against moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. The radio also features a non-volatile memory, allowing you to save your favorite station presets. Additionally, the Bluetooth capability enables you to play audio from various devices via a USB cord or auxiliary cable.

Reviews Confirm Jensen Heavy Duty Radio’s Quality

Whether you’re in need of a durable radio for your truck or a long-lasting stereo for your vehicle, Jensen has got you covered. The JHD1130B Heavy Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio offers exceptional audio quality and an array of impressive features.

The JHD1130B is ruggedly designed to withstand harsh environments, making it rainproof. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology, enabling you to stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Another standout feature is the seven-channel NOAA weather band tuner, which automatically switches to WB mode when a NOAA warning broadcast is received.

Despite its small size, this weatherproof stereo is packed with features. Its LCD display ensures readability in any lighting condition, with adjustable brightness levels for night operation. The JHD1130B is also SiriusXM ready, expanding your listening options.

Built to withstand extreme conditions, the JHD1130B comes with a stamped-steel mounting bracket and is completely waterproof. Its stainless-steel hardware guarantees rust resistance. For added convenience, a rubber cover protects the AUX inlet plug. Install the radio over the steering stem or on the left inner fairing panel, according to your preference.

Connect with Jensen Heavy Duty Radio

Whether you require a heavy-duty radio for extreme conditions or a compact marine stereo that supports audio playback from auxiliary devices, the Jensen JHD1130B is an excellent choice. It is built to withstand the elements while delivering high-quality audio and essential features.

The JHD1130B has undergone rigorous testing for humidity, temperature changes, and corrosion. With its AM/FM tuner and support for devices connected via auxiliary cords, it offers versatile audio playback options. The integrated Weatherband feature ensures you are always prepared for changing weather conditions. Moreover, the heavy-duty construction enables the radio to withstand demanding work and road conditions.

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