Jensen Heavy Duty radio

Jensen Heavy Duty Radio Review

Whether you are a fan of Jensen or not, there are many different features and benefits that you can get from this brand of radio. Some of these include that they are durable, waterproof, and can hold a large amount of content. These radios are also incredibly versatile and can be used in many different environments. This means that you can enjoy your music in the car, on the boat, or on the beach.

Jensen Heavy Duty radio

ASA Electronics has come out with the newest audio solution for the heavy duty vehicle. The company’s JHD1130 Heavy- Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio is the newest in the company’s line of audiophile quality audio equipment. This radio is a technologically advanced feat of feats, combining features like an RBDS tuner, a mini AUX-in jack, a 12/24 hour selectable clock, and a water-resistant LCD display. Moreover, the aforementioned radio is also powered by a Super-Cap 30 day power backup.

The radio’s most impressive feature is its small form factor. Its casing is also protected from knocks and bumps thanks to its heavy duty hardware kit. The JHD1130 is a great fit for the average powersports enthusiast’s rig. Moreover, the radio’s RCA AUX input pigtail is compatible with most popular aftermarket audio components.

The JHD1130 is a worthy successor to the HD 500. It has a lot of the same features, but it also boasts the largest display. The large LCD display is segmented for more visibility and has a two wire hookup to prevent battery drain. The JHD1130 also comes with a small hardware kit, which contains a mini-USB port for quick firmware updates. Lastly, the JHD1130 comes with a conformal-coated circuit board.

Information about Jensen heavy duty radio

ASA Electronics, manufacturer of premium video and audio electronics, has released the JENSEN JHD1130 Heavy- Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio, the latest in their heavy duty line of innovative audio products. This 12-volt waterproof radio is designed to handle the toughest environments. Featuring Bluetooth technology, this radio can be integrated into virtually any vehicle.

The JHD1130 has a ten character segmented LCD display and white LED backlighting. Its features include an encoder knob volume control, a channel lock function, and a 12/24 hour clock. It also has an LED Weather Alert. This function automatically switches to the weather band when a NOAA warning broadcast is received. The radio also has a non-volatile memory and a low battery indicator.

Besides being an AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio, this model also features a USB port, Bluetooth streaming, and a single CD player. It also features a super-cap 30 day power backup. The unit also has a 13-pin connector, which is commonly used in older John Deere tractors and construction equipment. The radio is also SiriusXM-ready.

Other notable features include a Weather Band tuner, which allows users to receive the latest weather alerts from NOAA stations. The unit also features a UV resistant faceplate and a SiriusXM ready faceplate.

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Features of Jensen heavy duty radio

Designed for tough environments, the Jensen Heavy Duty JHD1130B receiver features an ultra-rugged construction and conformal-coated circuit board for durability. It has undergone extensive vibration and temperature testing for optimal performance. The receiver also features an anti-corrosion faceplate.

The JHD1130 radio features an amber backlit control panel and a ten character segmented LCD display. The radio also includes a RBDS tuner for receiving radio signals and an auxiliary input for connecting an external audio device. The receiver also features an automatic store/preset scan (AS/PS) function. This feature allows you to choose an AM or FM band and automatically store the selected band.

The JHD1130 radio also includes an AM/FM Weather Band tuner for receiving the latest weather alerts from NOAA stations. The Weather Band tuner automatically switches to the weather band when a NOAA warning broadcast is received. This feature is useful for drivers who are unsure about what weather to expect in their area. The radio also features preset buttons for preset weather bands. It is recommended that you hold the button for two seconds to select a preset band.

The JHD1130 radio is equipped with a Super-Cap 30 day power backup. It also features an auxiliary input (front and rear). The radio is Bluetooth capable, meaning you can receive phone calls from a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

History of Jensen heavy duty radio

Whether you’re on the road or on the trails, Jensen heavy duty radios provide great reception and sound quality. They are also designed for daily riders, which makes them ideal for dual-sport vehicles. You can mount them over the steering stem or on the left inner fairing panel, and use the custom aluminum sub-panel bracket. The radio hardware is weatherproof and stainless steel, and won’t rust.

There’s a short DIN chassis and RCA input pigtail, and the waterproof face is IPX5 (or 0.5 mm water-resistance). The audio adapter plug is side-mounted and connects to your IPod or other audio devices. You can also route the output to your helmet speakers, mixer, or intercom.

Jensen weatherproof stereos have a LCD display that is read in any light. The amber or green backlight is good for nighttime operation, and there are various levels of brightness. There are also two levels of noise reduction.

Unlike factory-installed radios, Jensen models don’t have all of the features you’d expect, but that’s why they’re so affordable. You can mount the radio over the steering stem, on the left inner fairing panel, or on the clutch reservoir. If you need additional space, you can also mount the radio on a custom aluminum sub-panel bracket.

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Related to Jensen heavy duty radio

Whether you are a heavy duty trucker or a hard-core mariner, a Jensen heavy duty radio is built to handle the harsh conditions of your job. It offers many features including Bluetooth, satellite radio, and a waterproof receiver. The JHD1130 is the latest in a line of heavy duty audio products from Jensen.

The JHD1130 radio features an enhanced feature-set including a 12/24 hour selectable clock, ten character segmented LCD display, and white LED backlighting. It also features a mini auxiliary-in jack, RBDS, and preset tuning. It also has a Super-Cap 30 day power backup.

The Jensen JHD1130 is built for heavy duty applications, and has a lot of industry specific design considerations. For example, it has a conformal coated PCB, which helps protect the unit from moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. It also features a non-volatile memory, which allows you to save your favorite station presets. It is also a Bluetooth capable stereo, which allows you to play audio from devices connected through a USB cord or auxiliary cable.

The Jensen Heavy Duty JHD1130B is a waterproof, heavy duty receiver designed to handle the extremes of humidity and temperature. It also has undergone vibration and extreme temperature testing.

Reviews about Jensen heavy duty radio

Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty radio for a truck or for a vehicle that is built to last, Jensen has a stereo for you. Their JHD1130B Heavy Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio is built for durability. This stereo delivers quality audio and features you’ll appreciate.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty radio that will get you in and out of the rain, the JHD1130B Heavy Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB radio is the right choice for you. It’s ruggedly designed to stand up to harsh environments, and features Bluetooth technology to allow you to stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The JHD1130B Heavy Duty AM/FM/RBDS/WB features a seven-channel NOAA weather band tuner that automatically switches to WB mode when you receive a NOAA warning broadcast. This feature isn’t found on all of Jensen’s products, but is a feature that makes the radio stand out.

The weatherproof stereo is small, but it’s packed with features. It has an LCD display that has different levels of backlight brightness for night operation. It also has Sirius XM radio capability.

It’s built to withstand harsh conditions, and comes with a stamped-steel mounting bracket. It’s also waterproof. The hardware is made from stainless steel, and won’t rust. It also includes a rubber cover for the AUX inlet plug. You can mount it over the steering stem or on the left inner fairing panel.

Contact to Jensen heavy duty radio

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty radio that can handle extreme conditions or you are looking for a compact marine stereo that will play audio from devices connected via auxiliary cords, the Jensen JHD1130B is a great choice. It is built to withstand the elements, and it provides high-quality audio while also sacrificing nothing in the way of valuable feature content.

The JHD1130B has been tested for extreme humidity, temperature changes, and corrosion. It is also equipped with an AM/FM tuner that plays audio from radio signals as well as devices connected via auxiliary cords. In addition, it features Weatherband, a feature that will help you find the best weather for your trip. It also features a heavy duty construction, which helps it withstand harsh work and road conditions.

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