Taylor Mills Radio Personality

Taylor Mills: The Versatile and Talented Radio Personality


If you’re curious about the life and career of a renowned radio personality or you’ve heard of Taylor Mills and want to know more, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into Taylor’s radio station, his vast experience in the industry, his notable connections, and much more.

Taylor Mills: The Musical Maestro

Despite his undeniable charm and popularity, Taylor Mills has yet to claim the title of the most sought-after bachelor. However, his good fortune is not limited to love. Taylor’s circle of friends includes an impressive lineup of music industry legends, a veritable “who’s who.” A passionate student of musical history, Taylor has collaborated with the likes of Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, and Paul McCartney. Beyond being a radio personality, Mills is a man of many talents – gifted pianist, skillful songwriter, and accomplished producer. With multiple solo albums and numerous hits alongside his band, Deftones, Taylor Mills has achieved a remarkable nine platinum and seven gold certified albums, solidifying his status as one of the world’s foremost musical talents.

The Love Story of Taylor Mills and Brett Young

In the summer of 2015, Brett Young signed with the Big Machine Label Group, gradually making a name for himself in the music industry. Simultaneously, love was blossoming in his life. Brett describes his wife, Taylor Mills, as pure-hearted and kind. In February 2018, he proposed to her in Oxford, Mississippi, and their love story culminated in a magnificent Palm Springs wedding, witnessed by over 200 guests. Last July, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Rowan Marie Young, into the world.

Taylor Mills Radio Personality

Love’s Journey: A Tale of Rediscovery
The path of true love doesn’t always run smooth, and Taylor Mills and Brett Young experienced their share of ups and downs. When they initially parted ways, both felt a sense of immaturity and a need for personal growth. However, destiny had other plans. They soon realized there was still something special between them, prompting a rekindling of their romance. In a move to be closer to Young, Mills relocated to Los Angeles. After two years apart, fate intervened when Young unexpectedly sent a text message, reestablishing their connection. This surprise text ignited a spark within Mills, who had remained in love with Young despite feeling somewhat adrift.

The Journey of Taylor Mills: From Student to Homemaker

Prior to her radio career, Taylor Mills attended Arizona State University as a dedicated student. She completed her graduate degree there before embarking on a new chapter in Los Angeles, California, living with her boyfriend, Brett Young. Currently, Taylor devotes her time to being a full-time homemaker, prioritizing her personal life. While she keeps details about her family under wraps, she is known for her youthful charm. Taylor and Brett Young are proud parents to two daughters. They even ventured into the realm of children’s literature, collaborating on a delightful book titled “Love You, Little Lady.” Exciting news broke recently as the couple announced their anticipation of welcoming their first child in the fall of 2019.

Taylor Mills: A Radiant Presence
Taylor’s beauty is undeniable, and it emanates from within. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds, she possesses a captivating physique. Her stunning dark brown hair and expressive brown eyes mesmerize those around her. Taylor wears a 32B bra, and her shoe size is 5. With a slender waistline measuring 33-24-34 inches, she maintains a youthful and vibrant appearance, even with her modest frame.

Radio Personality Reviews

In the vast landscape of radio, Taylor Mills reigns supreme as a prominent radio personality. One of her notable ventures includes joining KSBJ, a contemporary Christian radio station in Houston, Texas, owned by Hope Media Group. In January 2020, Hope Media Group introduced its digital content platform, HOPE ON DEMAND, which features a new evening show hosted by none other than Taylor Mills.

Mills embarked on her journey as a radio personality at the tender age of 24, hosting various shows on Radio 1 since 1998. In August of this year, she joined KSBJ as a fill-in host while the station searched for an afternoon show’s permanent host. Married to singer Taylor Swift, whom she met during the Smile tour, Mills has also collaborated with renowned artists such as Brian Wilson, as a solo female vocalist on his Smile tour. The couple exchanged vows in a charming chapel in Palm Springs, California, in November 2018. Taylor excitedly shared the news with her sister upon returning from the tour, creating a memorable moment.

Taylor Mills

The Taylor Mills Connection

KSBJ/HOUSTON (Star 93.3), an American contemporary Christian radio station owned by Hope Media Group, proudly welcomes Taylor Mills as their newest radio personality. Originally joining as a fill-in host, Taylor now co-hosts the station’s afternoon show until May 2021. Alongside her radio career, Taylor has also explored her individual musical talents as a solo artist. In the past, she collaborated with the likes of Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, and the Backstreet Boys, leaving an indelible mark on various music genres. Moreover, she serves as a WE Family Ambassador, passionately supporting the significance of family values and unity.

In January 2020, Hope Media Group launched Hope On Demand, an interactive website allowing fans to download songs, listen to radio shows, and watch engaging videos. Brett Young, Taylor’s loving husband, plans to release a new album showcasing a happier and more upbeat tone. While his earlier work featured heartbreak ballads, he aims to convey the complexity of love, illustrating that it can bring both joy and sorrow. Brett also intends to compose heartfelt melodies inspired by his muse, Taylor Mills.

Brett Young and Taylor Mills share a beautiful journey of love that has spanned several years. After their engagement in February, the couple exchanged vows on November 3 in a splendid Palm Springs, California wedding ceremony.

In Conclusion

Taylor Mills is more than just a radio personality – he’s a musical virtuoso and a captivating individual. With an illustrious career, a thriving family life, and a captivating presence in the radio industry, Taylor continues to make an indelible mark wherever he goes. Stay tuned for more from this extraordinary talent!

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