Fort Wayne Radio Stations

Fort Wayne Radio Stations

Whether you are looking for local music, or just want to catch a show while you are in town, you will find that there are several Fort Wayne radio stations to choose from. From classic rock to hip-hop, you’ll find the best artists on the air when you listen to these stations.

Fort Wayne Radio Stations

KBMR and KBMY are two Fort Wayne radio stations that simulcast each other’s morning shows. This is not the case anymore, though. KBMY no longer simulcasts KBMR’s morning show, but it does simulcast the morning show for the sister station, WIYY.

K105 has an energetic and family-friendly sound. The K105 broadcast team brings unique personalities and creativity to the station. Some of the personalities include Brooke Summers, BJ Stone, Dan Austin, Rick Hughes, and Dave Michaels. They are responsible for the overall sound of the station.

K105 is a member of the Federated Media family. It was previously owned by the Oasis Radio Group and Calvary Radio Network. The group retained WGL-FM, WXKE, and WNHT. The group also purchased WLYV and Summit City’s cluster.

The group is a Fort Wayne radio stations company that has a lot to offer Fort Wayne residents. The group is also a great resource for Fort Wayne businesses. They can help with advertising and other services. They have a strong group of people and a lot of experience. They also have great programs and great on-air personalities. They also have great ratings.

Radio stations in Fort Wayne IN

Among the 84 FM radio stations in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there are a few that are worth a mention. Among these, there are Fun 101.7 – WLDE, the B96.9 FM – W245CA, and the Majic 95.1 – WAJI. These radio stations are available on a range of devices, from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tablets. They also have a number of interesting special features, such as live local air teams, and a plethora of top new songs. The WBCL network, on the other hand, boasts of a commercial free broadcast, and a number of impressive special features. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the best places to live in the state. Among other amenities, it also has a free shuttle to and from the airport.

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The WBCL Network, as the name suggests, boasts of a high quality, professional broadcast. Its slick website and impressive customer service have earned it high marks from its many fans and foes alike. WBCL scours the globe for the latest and greatest in music, sports and news, and keeps a plethora of cool and quirky music videos in its library.

Shows on Fort Wayne radio stations

During the early days of radio, shows on Fort Wayne radio stations were scarce. There were a few hours a day that local programming could be counted on. The stations affiliated with a network filled in the gaps. The stations were equipped with a transmitter on the roof of the building. The engineering controls were located in a small room.

During the 1950s, radio audiences began to evaporate. There was little sophistication in programming and radio stations were in competition for time with television. The triumvirate of radio, television and film mirrored this trend. Hence, the PBS Fort Wayne network is split into five distinct channels. During the midday hours, PBS offers How-To programs, children’s programming, and a few other offerings. In the evenings, WKJG, Fort Wayne’s Fox Sports Radio affiliate, provides a wide variety of sports programming. Among the sports shows on WKJG are “Talkin’ Sports with Jim Shovlin” on Saturdays and the Indianapolis Colts on Sundays. In addition to sports, WKJG also carries Ball State and Purdue University sports.

Top on the air

During the 1960s, WOWO was one of the top on the air Fort Wayne radio stations. As a clear channel station, it was able to reach audiences in the eastern United States and Canada. In addition to being a popular Top 40 music station, WOWO also served as a news and talk station.

The station launched the careers of many prominent broadcasters. Some of the well-known names included Tom Carnegie, Bob Sievers, and Bill Gates. The station also featured Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers. Their song “Little Red Barn” was a theme song for Bob Sievers’ daily show.

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The station moved from its original location on the south side of Fort Wayne to the fourth floor of the Central Building. The studios moved to 128 West Washington Boulevard in 1952. It was later moved to 203 West Wayne Street in downtown Fort Wayne.

The station’s programming changed several times. It switched from Top 40 to a News/Talk format in the mid-1990s. The station switched back to a news talk format in 1996.

Top artists

Whether you’re looking for a new radio station to listen to or you’re trying to find a radio station that offers something a bit more unique, Fort Wayne radio stations can provide the answers. These stations provide high quality, professional and family friendly radio programming. These stations have a wide variety of programs including local news, daily talk shows, and local events. Some of the stations even have live air teams to provide local entertainment and encouragement.

One of the most popular Fort Wayne radio stations is Big 92.3. This station plays adult hits from the 60’s through the 2000’s. Although the station is commercial free, advertisers are willing to spend money to reach an established audience.

The other aforementioned radio station is Loud 103.3, a hip hop station owned by the Adams Radio Group. Loud 103.3 has a hip hop format and plays current hip hop music. The station has an enviable Arbitron rating in the Fort Wayne broadcast market. It also has a staff of new additions, including Promotions Director Dave B. Goode.

Related to Fort Wayne radio stations

Various radio stations have a claim to fame in Fort Wayne, but the woofers haven’t exactly been scrounging around for a trophy since the early 1980s. The woofers have a few competitors, but a few more are out of business and a few more are in the process of transitioning into a new era of broadcasting. The most recent entrant in the fold is the newest member of the woofers family, WGL FM and AM. It also holds the title for the largest radio tower in the state of Indiana, with a tower footprint that is larger than a football field. WGL is the latest entrant in a long line of radio and television stations to call Fort Wayne home. Its most recent incarnation is an avtuous media company, but it has kept the radio brand in business.

The most successful of the woofers is a new entrant in the Fort Wayne radio family, but the old hunks of metal are just as eager to make a buck. WGL FM and AM is the flagship station of the Fort Wayne Catholic Radio Group, but the group also owns WNHT FM and WNHT-AM, both of which are owned by their respective parent companies.

Reviews about Fort Wayne radio stations

During the early years of the Fort Wayne radio stations, there were a number of original “LYV GYS” that made their mark on the city. One was “Skinny” Bobby Harper, who went on to have great success in Atlanta. Another was “Ted Hatch” who was a local favorite. These high energy personalities were able to keep the station’s popularity going.

In the mid-60s, the Fort Wayne radio station was purchased by Sheppard Broadcasting. Later, the call letters were changed to WLYV. The station became Fort Wayne’s first Top 40 station. After a few months, the station was the second highest rated station in the city.

Eventually, Jimmie Johnson joined the station. He was a famous newsman in Detroit and Fort Wayne. In 1984, he was promoted to Program Director at WMEE (CHR). He left the station in 1991.

Then, in 1997, WBCJ became West Central Ohio station. After that, the station was purchased by Taylor University. The station now broadcasts 24 hours a day and reaches the cities of Celina, St. Marys, Wapakoneta, and St. Marys, Ohio. The station is also family-friendly. It offers numerous special features.

Radio contacts

Using your smartphone to listen to Fort Wayne radio stations is a no brainer. If you’re in the area you’re probably in the know, but if you live somewhere else you’re a little more out of the loop. To help you make up for lost time, we’ve compiled a list of the best Fort Wayne radio stations based on your zip code. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a good place to start. We’re not sure how many of these radio stations actually exist, but we know of at least a couple.

We’ll be updating this list as we learn more about the best Fort Wayne radio stations. As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, just contact us through our website DJ ONEMAN.

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