En La Radio Un Cochinero

En La Radio Un Cochinero Letra by Victor Cibrian

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En La Radio Un Cochinero Letra

‘En la radio un cochinero’ is a song that was written by Victor Cibrian. He is a 24-year-old musician from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He started out playing the clarinet, and grew up watching movies and listening to music. He plays guitar and subscribes to YouTube. The song has received a lot of comments from all types of people.

The song’s lyrics refer to a pig’s mess, and the confusion of the radio. They also discuss traitor hunting. The song has been a top trend on TikTok recently. The song has also received a lot of comments on YouTube. It has over 60 million views and is currently at 10 million views. It has also been listed on various music lists. It is also free to download.

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Cibrian has also received a lot of comments on his video. He says he is not used to giving interviews. He also said that he prefers music to watching TV and movies. He also said that he is a big fan of Harry Styles and Bad Bunny.

Information about En La radio Un Cochinero Letra

‘En la radio un cochinero’ is a Mexican song by singer Victor Cibrian that was composed by Pedro Alberto Rivera Candido. The song has gotten quite a bit of play on Tiktok, the social media platform that allows users to post videos with music and text to share with their friends. The song is one of the more popular Tiktok songs. The song is a good ol’ fashioned, albeit tame, song about a woman’s love for a man who’s just her boyfriend.

It’s hard to say whether or not the ‘En la radio un cochinero’ was the most popular Tiktok song. The social media platform has spawned numerous songs about love, life, and love, but few have been as catchy as this one. The song has been featured in a few television shows and is also available for purchase on a few highly reputable sites. There’s no doubt that the song is a good one, though. Thankfully, it hasn’t ruined Victor Cibrian’s career. He is currently signed to Rancho Humilde, a Mexican music label.

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Features of en la radio Un Cochinero Letra

Amongst the many sexy ladies of the sexy, En El Radio Un Cochinero by Victor Cibrian is one of the most popular Mexican songs on the radio. It is a simple song, reminiscent of the ’80s. The song, if you’re into Mexican music, is a must listen. It’s a sexy piece of work, that isn’t afraid to show some skin. The lyrics are simple enough for the beginner and the music is just as catchy. It’s a song that would be an ideal background music to a romantic night in.

The song has been remixed with some of the best musicians of the day. Featuring Luis R Conriquez, Fuerza Regida, and La Decima Band, En El Radio Un Cochinero is not just the best of the best, it’s the best of the best.

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