Dj Twitch Net Worth 2023

DJ Twitch is the resident DJ on The Ellen Show. He’s been in the industry for over two decades now, and his wealth has grown dramatically in that time. Twitch has become a household name thanks to his work as the music director on one of America’s most popular shows, but he also makes appearances at events all around the world. From private parties in Bel Air mansions to charity events at prestigious galas, this DJ has seen it all. Let’s take a look at how much money Twitch has made over his long career:

DJ Twitch’s Net Worth in 2023

The Ellen Show DJ’s Net Worth in 2023

Twitch’s net worth is $2 million. In addition to his work on the Ellen show, Twitch has also performed as a DJ for other high-profile events such as the Grammys, VMAs and Golden Globes. His impressive career has earned him numerous accolades including being named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2017.

Twitch’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Twitch was born in New York City, and attended the University of Southern California. It was there that he started his career as a DJ in the early 2000s. His first big break was as a DJ on the Ellen show, where he performed alongside other famous musicians such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Twitch’s Career on the Ellen Show

Twitch’s career on the Ellen show began in 2017. Since then, he has been a regular guest and musical performer for Ellen DeGeneres’ popular daytime talk show. In addition to being invited back for another season in 2020, Twitch is also expected to perform at least one more time this year before heading off into retirement from his DJ career (although he may still perform occasionally).

While many musicians might be nervous about playing in front of such a large audience–especially when they’re not accustomed to performing live–Twitch seems perfectly comfortable on stage with Ellen and her guests. His laidback style makes him easygoing and approachable; it’s no wonder that fans were so excited when they found out about his upcoming retirement!

Twitch’s Personal Life and Charity Work


Twitch is married to his wife, Nicole, and they have two children together. He has been a DJ for more than 20 years and has been a DJ on the Ellen show since 2006. Twitch is also an avid philanthropist who supports causes such as Autism Speaks and Make-A-Wish Foundation with his charity work.

This article looks at the net worth of DJ Twitch, the Ellen show’s resident DJ.

This article looks at the net worth of DJ Twitch, the Ellen show’s resident DJ.

DJ Twitch is a DJ on The Ellen Show. He has been working there since 2013 and has been part of some incredible moments in TV history. For example, he was part of the first ever live streaming video on Facebook that was watched by 8 million people concurrently!

The net worth of DJ Twitch is estimated to be $1.5 million right now but it will increase significantly over time because he continues to make appearances on popular shows such as Dancing With The Stars and America’s Got Talent where he gets paid well for his services as a musician and producer respectively (or maybe even both).


DJ Twitch is a very talented DJ and entertainer. He has worked on the Ellen Show since 2008, where he plays popular music as well as interacts with guests and audience members. His net worth is estimated at $8 million in 2023.