Dj Skee Net Worth

DJ Skee is one of the most popular and influential DJs around. You may not have heard of him, but if you’ve ever listened to music online or watched a music video, there’s a good chance you’ve heard his work. DJ Skee is known for playing rap songs on his YouTube channel and podcast that showcase new artists as well as established acts like Jay-Z. If you want to know how much DJ Skee makes each year or how he earns his money, then keep reading!

How Much is DJ Skee’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, DJ Skee’s net worth is $10 million. He has earned most of his money from his career as a DJ and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of the and the Skee.TV websites, which are both dedicated to helping artists get discovered by fans around the world.

DJ Skee also makes money from his music and podcasts; he was even nominated for an Emmy Award in 2013 for Outstanding Original Music & Lyrics for one of his songs called “California Love.”

DJ Skee’s Career Earnings

DJ Skee’s net worth is $15 million, a figure that has increased by $10 million since 2007. His career started in 2005 and he has been hosting shows like The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands, Street Talk with DJ Skee, and SKEE TV since then.

The successful DJ is expected to continue growing his earnings in the future as well as maintaining his current net worth.

How Does DJ Skee Make His Money?

Skee’s net worth comes from his career as a DJ, radio host and entrepreneur. He also produces music for other artists and has published books about the industry.

Skee was born to immigrant parents who were both college professors in Los Angeles, California. He attended UCLA and graduated with degrees in political science and economics before moving on to graduate school at USC where he earned his master’s degree in public administration (MPPA).

DJ Skee’s Music


As a solo artist, DJ Skee has released music under the labels Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records. He has also collaborated with other artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg.

His most popular singles include “Bang Bang” (featuring Ice Cube & Too Short), “Can’t Stop Me Now” (featuring Pitbull), “Lights Out” (featuring G-Eazy) and more.

DJ Skee’s Podcasts

Skee TV

Skee’s first podcast, Skee TV, launched in 2006. The show features interviews with artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga. Skee has also interviewed celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kanye West on this show.

Skee TV 2.0

The second season of Skee’s podcast debuted on April 1st 2009 and featured guests like Paul Wall and Soulja Boy Tell Em (aka Soulja Boy). It was named one of the best podcasts by iTunes that year as well!

DJ Skee has a massive net worth.

DJ Skee is a DJ and TV host who has amassed a massive net worth.

DJ Skee’s net worth is $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And it’s growing at an impressive rate: In 2017 alone, DJ Skee saw his net worth grow by $3 million!

This isn’t surprising when you consider how much money he makes as a DJ–a job that can pay upwards of $100 per hour for top performers like him–and as the host of Complex TV’s People Under The Stairs. He also founded SKEE TV (now called SKEE Live), which broadcasts from L.A.’s El Rey Theatre every Friday night and has featured guests such as Tyga and Katy Perry over its nine seasons so far.


DJ Skee has a net worth of $20 million. He makes his money through his podcast, radio show and live events. DJ Skee has been able to build this wealth over time by being an entrepreneur, which is something that many people can learn from him.