DJ Screw: The Album that Revolutionized Hip Hop

DJ Screw’s Legacy

The Evolution of DJ Screw’s Music Style

DJ Screw, a Houston hip hop pioneer, introduced a groundbreaking music style that revolutionized the industry. His slow and chopped production technique, which involved manipulating the tempo and pitch of tracks, created a unique sound that influenced countless modern-day artists.

His Influence on the Houston Hip Hop Scene

DJ Screw’s impact on the Houston hip hop scene cannot be overstated. His music style put Houston on the map as a hub for hip hop, inspiring local artists to incorporate his techniques into their music. Furthermore, his influence extended globally, with artists around the world studying and admiring his innovative production methods.

The Making of “3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One”

If you’ve ever wondered how DJ Screw created his iconic music style, then you’re in luck. In this section, we’ll explore the recording process and techniques behind the creation of “3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One.”

Recording Process

DJ Screw used a unique approach called “chopping and screwing” to create his signature sound. This involved slowing down popular songs, cutting them into pieces, and rearranging and overlaying them to produce a new, slowed-down version. This innovative technique set DJ Screw apart from other producers in the industry.

Collaborations with Featured Artists

“3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” featured collaborations with notable artists such as Big Moe, Botany Boys, and Lil Keke. DJ Screw’s ability to bring together different artists resulted in cohesive and memorable tracks. The album’s standout songs include “All About My Fetti” featuring Big Moe and Big Pokey and “Southside Groovin'” featuring Lil Keke and Big Pokey.

Track-by-Track Analysis

Review of each track’s production and lyrics

“3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” comprises seven tracks, each with its unique production and lyrics. Let’s explore each track in detail:

1. “Intro”

The album’s opening track exemplifies DJ Screw’s style with its slow and chopped sound. It incorporates a sample from the Intruders’ “I Wanna Know Your Name” and focuses on the overall groove rather than extensive lyrics.

2. “3 ‘N the Mornin'”

The title track is a perfect representation of the album’s theme. It features a sample from the Isley Brothers’ “Between the Sheets” and showcases DJ Screw’s ability to slow down music while maintaining a consistent beat.

3. “Like Yesterday”

“Like Yesterday” samples the Isley Brothers’ “Make Me Say It Again Girl.” The lyrics portray everyday struggles and a longing for a better future. This track highlights DJ Screw’s skill in blending soulful vocals with his unique music style.

4. “Comin’ Up”

“Comin’ Up” is a high-energy track that samples the Gap Band’s “Outstanding.” It emphasizes success, with the artists rapping about their rise to fame and the hard work that led them there.

5. “Feel Me Blow”

“Feel Me Blow” is another high-energy track that samples the Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You.” The lyrics express the artists’ confidence and their ability to overcome any obstacles.

6. “Sailin’ Da South”

“Sailin’ Da South” is a laid-back track featuring a sample from the Isley Brothers’ “Voyage to Atlantis.” The lyrics reflect the artists’ love for their hometown and their desire to represent Houston on a national level.

7. “Funky Town”

The album concludes with “Funky Town,” which samples Lipps Inc.’s classic song. The lyrics convey the artists’ love for music and their city, Houston.

Impact of the album on the hip hop industry

“3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” had a significant impact on the hip hop industry. It introduced DJ Screw’s unique music style to a broader audience and put Houston hip hop on the map. The album achieved commercial success, selling over 100,000 copies in its first year.

The album’s influence continues to resonate with modern-day hip hop artists, many of whom credit DJ Screw as a major inspiration. Notably, Travis Scott released a song titled “R.I.P. SCREW” in 2018 as a homage to DJ Screw’s legacy.

Reception and Legacy of the Album

Critical Reception and Commercial Success

Upon its release, “3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” received critical acclaim from fans and critics. The album’s unique sound and DJ Screw’s innovative production approach were highly praised. It sold over 200,000 copies, solidifying DJ Screw’s position as a hip hop icon.

Influence on Future Generations of Hip Hop Artists

The impact of “3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” on the hip hop industry cannot be overstated. It influenced an entire generation of hip hop artists, both in Houston and beyond. DJ Screw’s slow and chopped style laid the foundation for many modern-day hip hop tracks.

Renowned artists like Travis Scott, Drake, and A$AP Rocky, among others, acknowledge DJ Screw as a major influencer on their music. The album’s legacy lives on, inspiring future generations of hip hop artists.


In conclusion, “3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” is a timeless masterpiece that transformed the Houston hip hop scene. DJ Screw’s unique music production style and his ability to bring together diverse artists propelled him to iconic status. This influential album firmly established Houston as a key player in the hip hop industry.

Whether you’re a long-time DJ Screw fan or discovering his music for the first time, “3 ‘N the Mornin’ Part One” is an essential addition to any music collection. Its unforgettable sound, exceptional production, and lasting impact on the hip hop genre make it an album not to be missed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip down memory lane with DJ Screw.