Defiance Amateur Radio Club

Defiance Amateur Radio Club

Among other things, this article discusses the Defiance Amateur Radio Club. The article discusses the organization’s Mission, Leadership & Adaptability, Financials, Operations, and Programs. The article also discusses the Defiance Amateur Radio Club’s personnel.

Defiance Amateur Radio Club

Founded in 1988, the Defiance Amateur Radio Club is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. It is dedicated to promoting the use of amateur radio, as well as providing an educational resource to the Defiance County community. The club’s meetings feature guest speakers. During the spring of this year, the club finished a project to install Ninja Warrior Playground Equipment at the Defiance Parks and Recreation Department. This project was funded by a $10,000 grant from the Defiance Area Foundation.

The Defiance Amateur Radio Club has also provided over $96,000 in grants to the Defiance Public Library System. The club also purchased two monuments for the Defiance County Home cemetery, listing the names of 119 people buried there. The monuments were purchased with a grant from the Defiance Area Foundation.

Carroll Bergman was born in Defiance on November 1, 1936. He was the son of Alva and Addie (Hasch) Bergman. He married Dolena Ball on February 1, 1953. He served as a volunteer fireman with the Defiance Fire Department. He was a member of the St John Lutheran Church and served as the scout master for Pack 75.


Founded in 1988, the Defiance Amateur Radio Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to promote and educate the community about amateur radio. It also organizes members capable of maintaining communications in the event of an emergency. Its mission is also to provide opportunities for its members to engage in high-quality community service, while enjoying the fellowship and camaraderie that come with amateur radio. The club is also committed to supporting its community through the annual Defiance County Earth Day event and the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

The Defiance Amateur Radio Club also has a well-designed website to serve as a repository of information for club members and interested parties. The website includes a comprehensive list of all club members and information regarding club meetings, events and programs.

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Programs and results

During the Fall Hamvention, Defiance Amateur Radio Club members competed in a variety of programs and awards. The largest prize was the Grand Award for the best overall score. There were also some impressive accomplishments in the lesser categories. For example, K8BXQ won the Grand Award for the best overall score, but also logged 10 contacts on 80 meters, 12 contacts on 15 meters, and two contacts on 5 meters. There was also a nice little contest to celebrate the anniversary of the fall hamvention.

The Fall Hamvention is held on the first Saturday after the Autumnal Equinox. The competition is held on two bands, the 15-meter FM and the 10-meter SSB bands. No contest contact may be made through satellites or repeaters, and a multi-operator entry may only use one call sign. The best overall score is 370 points, which is the same as the shortest time to send a letter.

In addition, the Defiance Amateur Radio Club won the best overall score, but only by a fraction of a point. Other noteworthy programs include the K8BXQ Grand Award, the Omega 564 (as in Omega 564), the Grand Award for the best overall score, and the most impressive paper log entries.


Located in the Buckeye state, the Defiance Amateur Radio Club has been around for 34 years or so. The club is one of the largest in the state and operates out of a small office suite in the basement of the county courthouse. The organization has a budget of about half a million dollars and employs roughly a dozen volunteers. The club is also home to several notable locals, including the town mayor and a plethora of local politicians.

The club’s charitable arm has garnered a bevy of state and federal grants in recent years, including more than $96,000 in grants in the last two years alone. The club has also rolled out a new statewide program promoting teen literacy and reducing juvenile delinquency. Some of the most notable recipients include: youth and adult programs, the Boys and Girls Club of Defiance County, and the YMCA of Defiance County. The club is also a member of the Ohio Amateur Radio Association, a consortium of local amateur radio clubs with a membership of over 12,000 people.


Located in Defiance, Ohio, the Defiance Amateur Radio Club has been active for 34 years. The club is a nonprofit organization. Its last financial report showed a slightly larger asset base than the average nonprofit in Ohio. However, the club’s last reported income was significantly less than the average.

The club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, which is also known as the National Association for Amateur Radio. The club is known for its original technological experimentation. Its members have participated in several of the first amateur radio contacts in the United States. Some of its members come from countries around the world.

In 1969, a member of the club, Ralph Taggert, made the first United States to Europe slow-scan TV contact. During the hour-long contact, pictures were exchanged between operators on both sides of the Atlantic.

The club is one of the oldest university ham radio clubs in the United States. It is sponsored by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan State University. The club provides training for interested students and pushes the limits of technology. Its studios are located in Room 2121 in the Engineering Building at MSU. The club also broadcasts weather reports to Michigan farmers. The club’s studios are open to licensed amateur radio operators from throughout the world.

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Personnel at Defiance County Amateur Radio Club

During an emergency, the personnel at the Defiance County Amateur Radio Club may be called upon to perform a variety of tasks, from providing communications to assisting emergency management personnel. The club’s main emergency response partners are the American Red Cross, North Carolina Emergency Management and Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Emergency Management.

The Defiance County Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1988. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. There are over 60 members and three repeaters in the club’s fleet. The club also runs an Echolink station. The club’s meetings are open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio. The club also offers a training program that teaches new members how to operate radios. The club is a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, which is a Department of Homeland Security-compliant program that trains amateur radio operators in emergency communication skills.

In addition to providing emergency communication services, the Defiance County Amateur Radio Club has supported a number of other nonprofit organizations. Its Ninja Warrior Playground Equipment project, for example, was awarded a $10,000 grant by the Defiance Area Foundation.

Organizations like Defiance County Amateur Radio

Founded in 1988, the Defiance County Amateur Radio Club has grown into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The club provides radio training and educational programs for the public. This year the club received a $10,000 grant to purchase Ninja Warrior Playground Equipment for the City of Defiance.

The club also recently completed an improvement project at the YMCA pool. The Fort Defiance Chapter of the DAR purchased two monuments for the Defiance County Home cemetery, listing birth and death dates as well as names of those who are buried there.

The Defiance Area Foundation also provided support for the Defiance Public Library System. The DAF branch in Sherwood opened a Story Walk, a literacy program that promotes reading. The books featured in the walk change every few weeks, promoting literacy in the community. The branch also received a small grant from the DAF to promote the program. Over the years the DAF has granted grants to branches for programming needs as well as capital projects.

In addition to the above-mentioned program, Clothes for Kids provides new tennis shoes, socks, underwear, and clothing to elementary school children. This is a new initiative in our area and will be expanded by the Defiance Area Foundation.

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