Best Laptop DJ Stand: Your Ultimate Guide

As a DJ, one of the most important investments you can make is a laptop DJ stand. Not only will it make your performances more professional and seamless, but it will also protect your equipment from any accidental spills or bumps. However, with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best for your needs. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the best laptop DJ stands available, their features, and what to consider before making a purchase.

What is a Laptop DJ Stand?

Before we dive into the best laptop DJ stands, let’s first define what a laptop DJ stand is. A laptop DJ stand is a specialized piece of equipment designed to hold a laptop or other electronic devices such as a DJ controller, mixer, or other peripherals. These stands are usually made of durable materials like aluminum or steel and have adjustable arms or trays to hold your device securely in place.


Types of Laptop DJ Stands

There are several types of laptop DJ stands available on the market. Here are the most common ones:

Z-Shape Stand

A Z-shape stand is a classic DJ stand that resembles the letter “Z” when viewed from the side. It’s a popular choice among DJs because it provides ample space for both the laptop and the DJ controller.

L-Shape Stand

An L-shape stand is another popular option for DJs. This stand has an L-shape design and provides more space for the DJ controller, but less space for the laptop.

Tripod Stand

A tripod stand is a three-legged stand that provides a stable base for your equipment. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a stand that’s easy to set up and take down.

Tabletop Stand

A tabletop stand is a compact stand that sits on a table or desk. It’s a good choice if you don’t have a lot of space and need a portable stand that’s easy to move around.

Features to Consider

When choosing the best laptop DJ stand, there are several features you should consider. Here are some of the most important ones:



Adjustability is important because it allows you to position your laptop or DJ controller at the perfect height and angle for your needs.


Stability is essential because you don’t want your equipment to wobble or fall during a performance. Look for a stand with a stable base and sturdy construction.


If you plan on taking your stand on the road with you, look for a stand that’s lightweight and easy to fold up and pack away.


Make sure the stand you choose is compatible with your laptop or DJ controller. Some stands only work with certain models or brands.

Cable Management

Cable management is important because it helps keep your cables organized and out of the way. Look for a stand with built-in cable management features.

Top Laptop DJ Stands

Now that you know what features to consider, let’s take a look at some of the top laptop DJ stands available:

1. Odyssey L-Stand

The Odyssey L-Stand is a sturdy and lightweight stand with an L-shape design that provides plenty of space for your DJ controller. It’s adjustable and can hold laptops up to 17 inches.

2. Crane Stand Plus

The Crane Stand Plus is a popular Z-shape stand that’s lightweight and portable. It’s adjustable and can hold laptops up to 17 inches.

3. Pyle Pro DJ Laptop Stand

The Pyle Pro DJ Laptop Stand is a tripod stand that’s adjustable and can hold laptops up to 13 inches. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a stand that’s easy to set up

4. Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Microphone and Adjustable Stand

The Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Microphone and Adjustable Stand is a versatile stand that can hold both your laptop and microphone. It’s adjustable and can hold laptops up to 15 inches.

5. Numark Laptop Stand Pro

The Numark Laptop Stand Pro is a tripod stand that’s designed for use with Numark controllers, but it can also hold laptops up to 17 inches. It’s adjustable and has a stable base.


Choosing the best laptop DJ stand can be overwhelming, but by considering the features that matter most to you, you can find a stand that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for a stand that’s adjustable, stable, portable, or compatible with your equipment, there’s a stand out there that’s perfect for you.


  1. Do I need a laptop DJ stand?

Yes, a laptop DJ stand is an important investment for DJs because it protects your equipment and provides a professional look for your performances.

  1. Can I use a regular laptop stand for DJing?

While a regular laptop stand may work, it’s not recommended because it may not provide the stability and adjustability that a specialized DJ stand can offer.

  1. How do I know if a stand is compatible with my equipment?

Check the product specifications to see what size laptops or controllers the stand can hold. Some stands are also designed for specific brands or models.

  1. Can I use a laptop DJ stand for other purposes?

Yes, a laptop DJ stand can also be used for other purposes such as holding a tablet, book, or sheet music.

  1. How do I clean my laptop DJ stand?

Use a damp cloth or mild soap to clean your stand. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may scratch the surface.