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The usage of the best DJ sound effects is one of the first tools a new DJ adds to their toolbox. A DJ can also use effects to inject originality into their sets. They can also be employed to ease challenging transitions.

They can, however, become overused and, in some situations, become a DJ’s crutch. The top 5 straightforward DJ sound effects that you should learn are covered in this guide. We’ll also go through when it’s ideal to use certain effects.

What Are DJ Sound Effects?

The sound of the tune you are playing will be affected by a range of presets and parameters called effects. They might range from a severe distortion of the sound to very minor adjustments.

The EQ controls on your device should be familiar to you by this point. The sound is altered similarly by effects.

Most DJ equipment comes with certain built-in features that let you add and change effects. On the top analog DJ mixers, they are particularly prevalent. Additionally, your software will come with a range of effects that can be activated by the software.

The effects portion of DJ equipment is often found near the top of the equipment. Although it’s not a firm rule, this seems to have become their natural habitat.

When choosing your DJ software, the variety of effects that are offered is unquestionably something to take into account. Likewise, it would be prudent to evaluate the hardware’s effect controls.

Even if you don’t anticipate you’ll use effects very often, you still want easy-to-use, strategically placed effects options on your gear.

Effects are often turned on or off by pressing a button. Then, one or more knobs are used to adjust how much of the effect affects the song. The dry/wet mix is another name for this.

The only music that plays when the knob is turned to the lowest position, dry, is that from the original source. The balance between the effect and the original source music is increased as you turn the knob.

For instance, if you set the knob halfway, it will alternate between playing 50% of the original music and 50% of the song with the adjusted effect.

You can choose specific effects from within your software. There are several pieces of gear that also let you choose effects right there.

I advise you to spend some time experimenting with the different effects when you eventually receive your DJ equipment. You should have a basic understanding of how the buttons and knobs work and where to turn on the effects.

Software and the results it provides differ in some ways. However, there are a few traditional DJ effects that are utilized worldwide.

Top 15 DJ packs and sound effects

Whether you’re rebooting Wedding Crashers or filming a high school prom scene, you’ll need the ideal DJ sound effects to make the production come together. Sound effects add a realistic touch and aid in focusing the viewer’s attention on certain details. The 15 DJ packs and sound effects listed below may be exactly what you need.

1. DJ Scratches And Rewinds

DJ Scratches and Rewinds has you covered whether you’re creating a funky party environment for your TV program or need a decent impact for your upcoming presentation. The traditional record scratch has been updated with seven new settings.

2. Vinyl Rewind

Vinyl Rewind offers the traditional rewind with a contemporary twist. This might well be the ideal addition to your game, film project, or even app, with 4 different options to select from.

3. Turntable Transitions

Turntable Transitions allow you to spice up your project with a little drama. If you use one of these well-liked DJ sound effects in your composition, the anticipation will undoubtedly increase because it contains electronic percussion bursts.

4. DJ Scratch

For those wishing to get the crowd going or give your project a funky opening, DJ Scratch is ideal. This sound effect, which comes in 5 versions, can make your movie come to life.

5. DJ Airhorn

Air horns may bring a great bang to your next project; they’re not just for sporting events. The three horn blasts added by the DJ Airhorn sound effect are ideal for your upcoming performance or video game.

6. Air DJ Horn Sound

Air DJ Horn Sound is for individuals who desire the air horn sensation but are seeking something a little flashier. It has a genuine contemporary electronic flair to it and a loud, powerful burst.

7. Short Vinyl Scratch SFX Pack

Eight different iterations of a contemporary record scratch are included in the Short Vinyl Scratch SFX Pack. You can find it here whether there is a turntable in your TV show or you want something quirky to add to your YouTube video.

8. Double Scratch

There is the Double Scratch if you want something more straightforward. This user-friendly DJ sound effects set may easily be incorporated into your project to give it some life.

9. Rewind Pack

Rewinds are a traditional DJ sound effect that are simple to incorporate into almost any composition. Rewind Pack offers 4 vintage-sounding rewinds for your selection.

10. Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack

Record Vinyl Scratch 3-Pack is the ideal expansion to your DJ sound effect collection because it offers 3 options to pick from. From video games to cartoons, these are fantastic.

11. Bouncing Futuristic Noises

Bouncing Futuristic Noise is for those looking to give their next project a little extra oomph. The weird electronic tones in this sound effect have a rather future feel to them.

12. Vinyl Stop

Vinyl top offers a sharp stop that gives your project a little drama. If you want to produce a fantastic stop effect in your project, you need this bundle, which offers 7 various sounds to select from.

13. DJ Scratch Sound Pack

The DJ Scratch Sound Pack is required to get you to the turntable if you wish to sit down. Short vocal cut-ins are also included in this sound effect to add a little more depth.

14. Alarming Notifications Pack

For those seeking a DJ sound effect with a horror-themed vibe, Alarming Notifications Pack is the ideal option. This noise burst, which offers four options, will help give your presentation a little something extra.

15. DJ Scratch Turntable

A brief, energizing blast of sound is provided by DJ Scratch Turntable, making it ideal for use in the studio or at home. You’re sure to locate the one that looks for you with the 6 brief vinyl scratches that are supplied.

 16. Filter

One of the effects that DJs employ the most frequently is an audio filter. Due to its growing popularity, it is frequently given a separate knob underneath the EQ knobs.

The center of this knob represents its neutral position. The low pass filter is activated by turning the knob to the left, while the high pass filter is activated by turning the knob to the right.

The frequencies that will be played will be influenced by these two modes. Higher frequencies will start to be eliminated as soon as the low pass filter is turned on. The cut-off gets lower the more you turn the knob to the left.

17. Phaser

Another common effect used by DJs is the phaser effect. The phaser effect modifies the music’s audio in such a way that it appears to be coming from a revolving speaker. This effect can give a track a lot of dynamic vitality.

The depth of the phase sound and length are typically the variables that you can change for this effect. Each end of the sound spectrum will be more audible the deeper the phase.

While the length only determines how long the phase effect lasts before coming to an end. Imagine changing the speaker’s rotational speed.

18. Flanger

Another phase-based effect is the flanger. It gives the music a swooping affect similar to the phaser. However, the flanger has a reputation for being more violent.

The flanger’s length and intensity can both be changed, just like with the phaser. The flanger is frequently employed in the buildup to a drop. In anticipation of the release, it can raise or lower the sound.

19. Reverb

Reverb is a creative effect that can give the impression that the music is happening in a big room. You can get an idea of the type of effect Reverb is by comparing playing your track in a small room to a vast cathedral.

The effect will increase as you turn up the reverb setting on the knob. The “size” of the room it is reproducing will be increased.

Reverb is strategically employed in breakdowns to provide emotion and an eerie mood to the song. It can also be successful in giving vocals a deeper edge.

20. Echo

Echo is just as simple as it seems. It will gradually go quieter and replay the part of the music that was playing when it was engaged.

The duration of the echo is controlled by the effect’s knob. The duration of the echo increases as you move the knob further toward the moist side.

Using the echo effect when switching from one music to the next can be effective. In the phrase’s final beats, apply the echo effect to track one to give it some carryover as track two begins to play. The echo effect also works well with slower basslines. They frequently recur in the distant, which may give a track a ton of depth.

Top 5 Sites for DJ Sound Effects and Pack Downloads

1. Motion Array

Thousands of templates, motion graphics, sound effects, plugins, presets, and other resources are available at Motion Array that you may use for your own projects. You might discover anything to advance your upcoming project here.

2. Artlist

You can access a library of music and sound effects from Artlist for use in your own projects. Their personal license covers websites like Facebook and YouTube, but you’ll need an enhanced license for bigger commercial and broadcast ventures.

3. Soundsnap

Over 450,000 effects are available on Soundsnap, which you can buy or download using a membership. You’re in good company—big brands like HBO and Disney use it. However, that does imply a larger premium up front.

4. Sound Bible

The free sound effects available on Sound Bible range from a hyena laughing to an airplane landing at an airport. You might might be able to locate whatever you’re looking for on this site for no cost.

5. Zapsplat

For your own YouTube, TV, and film projects, you can get some free sound effects and music from Zapsplat, but you’ll need to read the fine print of their special license to find out exactly what you can and cannot do. They have everything you’re seeking for, whether you want jazz music or animal noises.

Your next project’s professionalism can be significantly increased by including the appropriate sound effect. You can choose from thousands of sound effects in Motion Array to match your ideal scene. Make your upcoming project the finest one ever!


Now that you know about the different types of DJ sound effects, it’s time to start thinking about which ones will work best for your next event. If you want to take your music production skills to the next level, consider investing in a quality DJ mixer and some good-quality sound effects. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services – we would be happy to help you create the perfect soundtrack for your next party or event!

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