Best Dj Mix 2016

The Best DJ Mixes of 2016: A Year in Review

As music lovers, we all know the feeling of discovering a DJ mix that hits all the right notes, seamlessly blending our favorite tracks into a cohesive and captivating set. In 2016, the DJ mix scene saw a surge of creativity and innovation, with established DJs pushing boundaries and up-and-coming artists making waves in the industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best DJ mixes of 2016, from the most popular DJs to the breakthrough artists who made a name for themselves.

Throughout the article, we’ll explore a range of genres, including house, techno, hip-hop, and more, highlighting the best mixes of the year and providing detailed analysis of each setlist. Whether you’re a seasoned music aficionado or a casual listener, this article is sure to introduce you to some of the most exciting and dynamic DJ mixes of 2016. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of DJ mixes.

The Rise of DJ Mixes in 2016

The DJ carefully curated the best tracks of 2016, creating a mix that perfectly blended genres and rhythms.
The DJ carefully curated the best tracks of 2016, creating a mix that perfectly blended genres and rhythms.

Why 2016 was a Significant Year for DJ Mixes

2016 was a year of change and experimentation in the music industry, and DJ mixes were no exception. With the rise of streaming services like SoundCloud and Mixcloud, DJs had a new platform to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience. Additionally, the increasing popularity of music festivals and events meant that DJs were playing to larger crowds than ever before, creating a demand for fresh and exciting mixes that could energize and captivate audiences.

Overview of the Trends that Dominated the Scene

In 2016, DJs experimented with a variety of styles and techniques, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in a DJ mOne of the most significant trends of the year was the rise of “live” mixes, in which DJs eschewed pre-recorded sets in favor of improvising on the fly. This approach allowed DJs to be more in tune with their audience, responding to the energy of the crowd and creating a unique and dynamic experience for each performance.

Another key trend in 2016 was the integration of diverse genres and styles into DJ mixes. Rather than sticking to one particular genre, DJs began to experiment with blending different types of music, creating a more eclectic and inclusive sound. This trend was particularly evident in the rise of “world music” mixes, which incorporated traditional music from around the globe into modern electronic beats.

Overall, 2016 was a year of experimentation and innovation in the world of DJ mixes. With DJs pushing boundaries and exploring new styles, the scene was more dynamic and exciting than ever before.

Top DJs of 2016

When it comes to the world of DJ mixes, there are certain artists who stand out from the rest. In 2016, these top DJs continued to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their innovative and dynamic sets. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular DJs of the year and their best mixes.

DJ Snake

With hits like “Lean On” and “Let Me Love You,” DJ Snake had a breakout year in 2016. His mix for Diplo and Friends showcased his signature sound, blending trap, hip-hop, and dancehall into an infectious and high-energy set. Highlights include his remix of “Work” by Rihanna and his collaboration with Yellow Claw on “Ocho Cinco.”


As the founder of Mad Decent and a member of Major Lazer, Diplo is no stranger to the world of DJ mixes. In 2016, he continued to dominate the scene with his eclectic and genre-bending sets. His mix for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix was a standout, featuring tracks from artists like Kanye West, Flume, and Tiga. The set also included his own remixes and productions, showcasing his versatility as a producer and DJ.

The Chainsmokers

With their hit single “Closer” dominating the charts in 2016, The Chainsmokers cemented their status as one of the most popular DJ duos in the world. Their mix for SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution channel featured a mix of their own tracks and remixes, as well as hits from artists like Calvin Harris and Martin GarrThe set is a perfect example of their signature sound, blending pop sensibilities with EDM energy.

Martin Garrix

At just 20 years old, Martin Garrix has already established himself as one of the most talented and popular DJs in the world. His mix for Tomorrowland 2016 was a standout, featuring tracks from his own label STMPD Records, as well as collaborations with artists like Jay Hardway and Third Party. The set is a testament to Garrix’s ability to blend different genres and create a cohesive and engaging m
These top DJs of 2016 are a testament to the power of DJ mixes, showcasing the creativity and innovation that can come from blending different genres and tracks into a seamless and captivating set.

Breakthrough DJs of 2016

While established DJs continued to dominate the scene in 2016, there were also some exciting breakthrough artists who made their mark on the industry. These up-and-coming DJs brought fresh perspectives and unique sounds to the table, proving that the future of DJing is in good hands.

h3. Peggy Gou

One of the most talked-about breakthrough DJs of 2016 was Peggy Gou, a South Korean artist who made waves with her eclectic blend of house and techno. Her mix for Boiler Room, recorded in Berlin, showcased her exceptional mixing skills and infectious energy. Standout tracks included “I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits” by Moodymann and “Piano Weapon” by Shadow Child & Doorly.

h3. The Black Madonna

Another rising star in the DJ world is The Black Madonna, an American artist who has been making waves since the early 2000s. Her mix for Mixmag, recorded at a warehouse party in London, was a masterclass in disco and house, featuring tracks from the likes of Prince and Madonna. Her ability to blend classic tracks with modern beats has earned her a reputation as one of the most exciting DJs on the scene.

h3. Mall Grab

Australian artist Mall Grab burst onto the scene in 2016 with his infectious blend of lo-fi house and techno. His mix for Boiler Room, recorded in Sydney, showcased his unique sound, featuring tracks from the likes of DJ Seinfeld and Ambien Baby. Mall Grab’s ability to create a party atmosphere with his mixes has earned him a dedicated following and a spot on the list of breakthrough DJs to watch in 2017.

h3. Conclusion

These breakthrough DJs may not have the same level of name recognition as some of the industry’s biggest stars, but their contributions to the scene in 2016 were invaluable. With their fresh perspectives and innovative sounds, they are sure to continue making waves in the years to come.

Genre-Specific Mixes of 2016

When it comes to DJ mixes, each genre has its own unique flavor and style, with artists showcasing their skills and creativity in different ways. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the best mixes of 2016 in specific genres, providing an overview of each set and highlighting the standout tracks and moments.

House Mixes

House music has been a staple of the DJ scene for decades, and in 2016, artists continued to push the boundaries of the genre, blending classic sounds with modern production techniques. Some of the best house mixes of 2016 included:

  • “BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix” by Maya Jane Coles
  • “Defected In The House” by Sam Divine and Simon Dunmore
  • “Anjunadeep Edition” by Lane 8

Each of these mixes showcased the unique style and flair of the respective DJs, with tracklists that blended old favorites with new and exciting releases.

Techno Mixes

Techno music is known for its driving beats and hypnotic rhythms, and in 2016, the genre saw a resurgence in popularity, with DJs incorporating a range of influences into their sets. Some of the best techno mixes of 2016 included:

  • “Live at Time Warp 2016” by Adam Beyer
  • “Drumcode Radio Live” by Nicole Moudaber
  • “Awakenings Festival 2016” by Chris Liebing

These mixes highlighted the diversity of techno music, with each set showcasing the unique style and approach of the respective DJs.

Hip-Hop Mixes

Hip-hop has always been a genre that lends itself well to DJ mixes, with artists blending classic tracks and new releases to create a seamless and captivating set. In 2016, some of the best hip-hop mixes included:

  • “OVO Sound Radio Episode 23” by Drake
  • “Run The Jewels DJ Set” by El-P and Killer Mike
  • “Soulection Radio Show #295” by Joe Kay

These mixes highlighted the diversity and creativity of hip-hop music, with each set featuring a range of artists and styles.

No matter what your favorite genre is, there’s no denying that 2016 was a great year for DJ mixes, with artists pushing the boundaries and showcasing their skills in new and exciting ways.


In conclusion, the world of DJ mixes in 2016 was a vibrant and exciting place, with established DJs and newcomers alike pushing boundaries and creating innovative sets that captivated audiences around the world. From house to hip-hop, techno to trance, there was something for everyone in the world of DJ mixes in 2016, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the best sets of the year.

As we look back on the best DJ mixes of 2016, it’s clear that the art form is alive and well, with new talents emerging and established artists continuing to evolve their craft. Whether you’re a DJ yourself or simply a fan of great music, the mixes highlighted in this article are sure to inspire and entertain you.

So why not take some time to explore these sets in more detail, and discover some new favorites along the way? With the world of DJ mixes constantly evolving and expanding, there’s never been a better time to dive in and explore the limitless possibilities of this exciting and dynamic art form.