Antheil: Sonatina Fur radio

Antheil: Sonatina for Radio – A Musical Journey Through Time


If you’re in the market for an Antheil: Sonatina fur radio or simply curious about them, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore what the Antheil: Sonatina fur radio has to offer and delve into some insightful reviews of their products.

Antheil: Sonatina fur Radio

The “Sonatina for Radio” is a captivating piece composed by George Antheil, known for his rebellious spirit and his talent both on the piano and the baseball field. This symphony showcases his unique style, characterized by wild and energetic piano pieces.

Radio has been a beloved medium for over ninety years, offering a diverse selection of music and various unique musical programs. A notable example is Radio Wien in Austria, which stands as one of the most popular radio stations in the country.

From the early days of radio, pioneers were fascinated by its artistic possibilities and technical capabilities. Among these innovations, Friedrich Trautwein developed the Trautonium, a new technical medium for radio.

Different types of music have flourished on radio throughout the years. Some popular radio programs include “Funny People,” “Radio 3,” “Radio 4,” “Radio Mozart,” “Francesca Marciana,” “Paddy McGuigan,” and “David Bowie.”

Radio’s impact on society has always been significant, with various criticisms and praise directed at this medium. Notably, during World War II, Kurt Weill penned a captivating article about the influence of radio.


The discography of Sonatina fur Radio includes albums and EPs released by the Americana duo. Their latest full-length album, “Colony of Bees,” along with the EPs “All Remains” and “The Colonial of B-Sides,” are featured.

Album Cover

“Colony of Bees” marks a slight departure from their previous work, showcasing layered and ethereal songs while staying rooted in the Americana/folk genre. Produced by Ryan Streber and released independently, this album gained popularity through internet radio stations. It features four new tracks.

“The Colonial of B-Sides” is an EP of B-sides from the “Colony of Bees” album. These tracks were recorded in Budapest, Hungary, and Singel, Switzerland. The EP was edited by Ryan Streber and released under the Nettwerk label.

Apart from the mentioned albums, the discography also includes several unissued recordings, such as test recordings and live performances released by the Archiphon label.

History of Antheil: Sonatina fur Radio

In the 1930s, Antheil composed over thirty film scores, including the controversial ballet “Ballet mechanique.” This renowned piece, written in 1924, featured a clash of grand pianos, xylophones, and electronic bells. Its soundtrack was twice the length of the film itself.

Antheil’s passion for art began at a young age, with piano lessons starting at six. He studied under esteemed composers in Philadelphia and New York City. Later, he became the assistant musical director for the municipal theatre in Berlin, immersing himself in the thriving artistic scene of the late 1920s.

As an anti-Futurist, Antheil believed in the convergence of music and machines. Throughout his life, he wrote articles, manifestos, and composed music for ballet, theatre, and film. He also penned an autobiography called “Bad Boy of Music,” which remains in print to this day.

George Antheil

During his early career, Antheil resided in Paris, where he was perplexed by his encounter with Stravinsky. It was during this time that he was introduced to the concept of frequency hopping, a technology developed by Fritz Mandl. This revolutionary idea is still used in radionavigation and telecommunications today.

Reviews of Antheil: Sonatina fur Radio

For those familiar with Antheil, it’s no secret that he had a fondness for player piano music, as well as composing for theatre and ballet. His unique percussive style sets him apart as an avant-garde composer and writer with a scholarly disposition.

Antheil’s sonata is a Dadaist collage, blending mechanistic instrumental impulses with wordless vocalisms. Influenced by Satie and Stravinsky, his music serves as a condensed hymn to his home country.

Written early in Antheil’s Parisian career before relocating to Berlin, the sonata showcases his versatility. From pounding mechanistic rhythms to delicate filigree, his compositions range across the musical spectrum.

During the 1930s, Antheil championed and financially supported fellow artists. He published intriguing mystery novels, captivating magazine articles, and enjoyed the patronage of a wealthy newspaper tycoon’s daughter. After the Great Depression, he returned to New York City, where he thrived as a composer, interpreter, author, and critic. Antheil’s legacy lives on, even after his passing in 1959.


The Antheil: Sonatina fur Radio offers a remarkable musical journey through time, courtesy of the talented George Antheil. Whether you’re a fan of avant-garde compositions or simply curious about the intersections of music and technology, the Sonatina for Radio is a must-listen. Explore the discography, immerse yourself in the history, and discover the vibrant reviews that surround this extraordinary musical masterpiece.

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