A Radio Host Spots Gutless Message Written on Man's Hand

A Heartbreaking Message on a Man’s Hand Goes Viral

The Viral Story of a Man’s Gut-Wrenching Breakup

A radio host recently came across a man with an incredibly awkward message scribbled on his hand. This caught the attention of other train commuters, creating quite a stir. The incident quickly went viral, sparking outrage among viewers. Although the man’s identity remains undisclosed, it was rumored that he was heartbroken after a brutal breakup.

A Heartbreaking Message Captured on Video

The incident unfolded on a train, where a fellow commuter filmed a video of a man writing a heartbreaking message on his hand. This video was later shared on social media by Sydney radio host Emma Chow. To date, it has been viewed by over 1.3 million people. The message simply stated: “Send breakup email.” While some may interpret this as the end of the breakup, the true meaning behind the message remains unclear. The video gained significant attention after being posted on TikTok.

Ex-Girlfriend Files Lawsuit

Following the video’s viral success, the man’s ex-girlfriend decided to sue him for ten thousand dollars. The breakup had occurred two months prior, and the couple had been dating for ten months. Although this scenario may sound like a clich√©, Lauren, the ex-girlfriend, felt it was important to capture the raw emotions displayed in the video.

The message, “Send breakup email,” was captured by radio host Emma Chow while she was on a train in Sydney. The video garnered widespread attention on social media, with people expressing both humorous and critical comments.


According to the man who wrote the message, he attempted to break up with his ex-girlfriend through email, but she didn’t respond. As a result, she decided to file a lawsuit against him, seeking ten thousand dollars in damages. In the video, Emma’s co-host, Mike, defended the man, suggesting that he wanted to convey the message more clearly and thoroughly than a short text would allow. However, he also mentioned that the man should have chosen a face-to-face conversation or a phone call to address the situation.

A Woman’s Encounter with an Awkward Train Commuter

During a train ride in Sydney, a woman noticed a man with an extremely awkward message scrawled on his hand. The message read, “Send breakup email,” leading many to assume that the man was preparing to end his relationship. Keen on capturing the moment, radio presenter Emma Chow filmed the message and shared it publicly after spotting it.

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The video quickly ignited a lively debate on social media. Some expressed solidarity with Emma, while others suggested that she may have misinterpreted the situation. One user wrote, “This is definitely not the way to break up with someone.”


Phrases to Avoid During a Breakup

When going through a breakup, it’s crucial to choose your words wisely to minimize unnecessary hurt. Certain phrases can be particularly damaging and complicate the situation further. For instance, saying something like “it happens for a reason” may come across as insensitive and dismissive of your ex’s emotions. Instead, try to acknowledge and validate their feelings.

During a breakup, honesty is vital, but you should also avoid saying things that will cause unnecessary pain to the other person. For example, refrain from revealing how long you’ve been disinterested in them or outlining the reasons behind your decision. Instead, focus on expressing that your feelings have changed.

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Another common mistake is saying, “You’re too good for me.” By uttering these words, you’re evading the real reasons behind the breakup. In some cases, people confuse friendship with love. Only later do they realize their mistake, understanding that the relationship was more than just a friendship. Maintaining a friendship after such realization becomes challenging.

Avoid resorting to phrases like “I’ve found someone better than you,” as they come across as childish and demeaning. Not only are such statements inappropriate, but they also reflect contempt toward the other person. Using this technique during a breakup may be seen as gaslighting.

Additionally, try to avoid using all-or-nothing phrases that put your partner on the defensive. These phrases can lead to circular conversations that only exacerbate the situation.

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